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How Businesses can Reap Benefits by Outsourcing to Call Center

Posted by Monika kaur

With rapid technological innovation and changing demands of customers, there has been tremendous pressure on business organizations across industries to meet the expectations of customers. Business firms are putting their best foot forward to deliver optimal customer support services to be able to survive in the current competitive business landscape. Not to mention that dealing with escalating customer expectations require pragmatic approach, capital investment, time, and right strategies in place. Dearth of any of such factors may not yield expected outcome. That’s why many organizations are shifting gears to outsource their customer support service to a B2b call center.

Outsourcing is an optimal solution for organizations owing to the shifting preference of customers and trending phase in business evolution. This method helps in cutting down marketing expenses and increasing business return on investment. Indubitably, every business firm is cognizant toward core contingencies of their organization. Accomplishing core functions is essentially crucial to uplift the performance of the business in burgeoning landscape. However, performing non-core functions is equally important as it helps in gearing up the performance of a company. Herein, b2b call center plays a pivotal role in delivering end-to-end results.

Most multinational organizations are outsourcing their non-strategic functions to call centers in India. The call center industry that mushroomed in India in the early years of 2000 is today a success story of the country. Currently India with it varied advantages, is touted as a preferred outsourcing destination and promising hub amongst Asian countries. It is known for delivering quality based services at low operational costs. According to a survey report, more than 82% U.S based companies prefer India as the best outsourcing destination. Apart from cost-effective services, India is the only talent-rich country that holds years of experience and capability to enhance overall experience of the customer.

Certainly, call centers in India offer unmatched services along with pool of specialized resources in almost every field of business. Executives have expertise in handling influx of calls related to the issues of products/services and manage consumer-based processes patiently. Call center service provider offer array of customer services including call management, handling customer queries, generating qualified leads, and monitoring services.

Let us take a quick glance at the benefits of outsourcing crucial but non-strategic functions to call centers in India.

Resource Base: Call center in India have a pool of specialized workforce with proficiency in English. The agents have strong communication skills along with linguistic capabilities that make it easy to communicate with people across the globe. Customers feel delighted to receive assistance from someone similar to their style. Executives are trained according to the changing technology and the requirements of the project. The trainers comprehend agents with the problems that might occur in the functioning of the products/services and make them aware about the requisite solution for the same.

No Geographical boundaries

The call center industries have traversed geographical boundaries and skillfully operate round the clock enabling BPO agents to deliver overnight services. ‘Time zone’ is the prime advantage of outsourcing business functions to a third party service provider. This allow outsourcing companies of India to become a strategic partner with multinational organizations.

Favorable Government Laws

Certainly, Government of India feels proud to see the increasing growth of IT sector. GOI sets up new law favoring the setup of call centers and its maintenance.

Reduced overhead expenses: To start an in-house call center, businesses spend huge amount of capital on infrastructure, hiring skilled executives, arrange telecom equipment and Internet facility. By outsourcing business functions to b2b call center, businesses curb overhead expenses thereby paying service provider on per-hour basis. India is relatively low cost manpower than other developed countries.

Connect the dots: The outsourcing market of India has grown by leaps and bounds with numerous multinational companies outsourcing their non-core operations from to call centers in India ensuring long term success to businesses.

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