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How Call Centers in India Help Business Firms in getting Competitive Edge over Their Counterparts?

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
Call Center in India Helps Business Firms - Go4_customer

Is the current business scenario potentially capable of creating enough business opportunities for business organizations across the globe?  This question has been a topic of discussions and debates across various business leaders’ forums; however, till date, there has been no discrete answer—neither “yes” nor “no”—to this objective question.  God only knows the answer to this question; human beings don’t!  Therefore, the current business scenario demands business firms to be well equipped to capitalize on every business opportunity it is blessed with. 

That’s where the roles played by call centers or business process outsourcing (BPO) firms in business organizations’ pursuit of organizational growth come into the picture. 

Call centers help business organizations in accomplishing a wide range of business tasks efficiently and cost-effectively.  Recently, India has emerged as one of the most preferred and favored destinations by business organizations across the globe to outsource their call center operations.

There is a wide range of call centers in India which are offering services to business organizations with varied business needs.  These call centers are primarily responsible to administer and manage some business-specific functions as well as non-core business tasks of business organizations.  While holding the responsibilities of managing various business functions, call centers also share accountability, answerability, and liability associated with these business functions. 

Moreover, call centers also monitor various business initiatives to analyze the scopes and prospects of business expansions and growth.  The services rendered by call centers or BPO firms in India help many business organizations, irrespective of their size and business nature, in accomplishing various business-specific tasks efficiently, conveniently and cost-effectively. 

Moreover, these services also help business organizations in implementing various development plans and policies across different geographical realms.

The services rendered by call centers or BPO firms in India are of two types: inbound services and outbound services.  Inbound call center services are primarily focused on enhancing the quality of customer support provisions by providing convenient methods to customers for queries resolution; complaint handling; request registering; technical troubleshooting; and/or order booking. 

Call centers that offer inbound services have a pool of efficient employees, who are also referred to as Customer Care Executives (CCEs).  These CCEs are comprehensively trained to develop their communication skills, which can guarantee effective as well as informative interactions with customers. 

In the age of stiff competition, it has become mandatory for business organizations to ensure convenient and effective pre-sales as well as after-sales services to its customers.  Effective customer support service provisions can play a major role in shaping the future of business organizations.

Outbound services of call centers are availed by business organizations to accomplish a wide range of business-specific tasks, which includes telemarketing; potential lead nurturing; appointment scheduling with clients or customers; and/or verification of business data provided by employees, customers, clients, vendors, or even business partners. 

These business tasks are often regarded as non-core business functions; however, no power in this world can guarantee success to business organizations if they fail to accomplish these tasks.  As most business organizations lack dedicated teams of specialized professionals, they tend to seek assistance from call centers or BPO firms in India.  These call centers have teams of skilled employees or business professionals.  The call centers which offer these outbound services to business organizations conduct comprehensive training for their employees on a regular basis to enhance their skills regarding these business tasks.

The Indian call center industry trumped all other competitors in the fray with its large pool of intellectual capital and state-of-the-art infrastructure.  There are various factors that have contributed to making India the most preferred and ideal locations for call center operations. 

Some of the most prominent and influential factors are investor-friendly tax structure; huge talent pool of skilled and qualified professionals; and availability of cheap English-speaking labors.  Research by the National Association of Software Services and Companies (NASSCOM) has revealed that India’s unique geographical location has also played a major role in scripting the overwhelming success story of the call center industry.  All these factors have created a stimulating environment in India for the call center industry, and as a result, the nation commands a major share of the outsourced business.

Globalization has blessed the business world with plenty of business opportunities.  The opportunities are galore for those business organizations which have gumption and competence to perform every task associated with these business opportunities. 

By availing the services rendered by call centers in India, business firms can remarkably enhance their overall competency and efficiency.  Not only do the services rendered by call centers help business organizations in gaining a competitive edge over their counterparts, but they also facilitate business organizations with better prospects of acquiring larger market share.


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