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How Can Call Center Services Help You Win Lost Customers?

Posted by Sukriti Saini

Every business wants to grow and reach the zenith of success as soon as possible. This urge makes the team of the company work assiduously towards one goal after the other. As soon as the one goal is accomplished, the other one comes up and the process continues like so. While the owners are dreaming of climbing the ladder to success one after the other, sometimes they see themselves descending. Even after improving the products or services that the company offers, the revenue generation either gets stagnant or witnesses a downfall.

What probably can go wrong then? Most probably it would be losing your focus from customer support service. The same may affect your customer base drastically. While you may have acquired a few new customers, you lose the existing ones because of the negligence.

Call center service providers can help in winning the lost customers back by regaining their trust and making them loyal to your brand again with a good customer win-back program.

If in case, you are skeptical of investing in such campaigns, here is why you should. Take a look.

Why is a customer win-back program necessary?

While it may seem alright to tackle the negligence you once showed by focusing on the telemarketing campaigns, it is not. In fact, the chance of turning those leads into customers is way less than turning the former customers into your customers once again.

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Moreover, using a customer win-back program makes more sense also because the lost customers must have had some liking/use/ interest in your product when they used it, they might have had stopped using it because some other brand lured them or because they faced an issue which didn’t get proper attention from your end. Nevertheless, the point is that it is easy for you to make a person agree to buy your product who is interested in it already, blindly calling newbies never assures you of the level of interest they have in your brand or the product you sell.

Now that the necessity of running the win-back campaign with the help of the call center service provider is clear to you, let’s move ahead and see how it should be done. 

Prior to that, just get ready with the list of the customers you have lost.

Ask Them Why They Left

The first thing when you place the call after greeting them is to ask them the reason straight up. Don’t make guesses, just ask them why they left. No one can tell the reason better than the customers themselves. Also, doing so will make them feel how valued they are. When they give you a reason, assure them that the same won’t happen again. Regain their trust and there are high chances that each of them will switch back to your company, also, take note of the problem and don’t repeat it with the new customers too.

Get to the end of the Problem

If a customer has left, there must be a reason for it. You should try to understand the reason on your own as well before contacting the person. Track the calls, number of purchases and then try to ascertain what made them switch to another company. This will also help you in customizing the script to win that lost customer back.

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Offer an Action Plan

Instead of requesting them to become your customers again, you should offer them the best solution. This is the best you could do other than offering them some incentive. 

Recuperate Customer Trust

Call center service providers should also speak every word very carefully. The main focus of the entire conversation should be to regain the trust of the lost customers. Make the basic script accordingly.

Give Incentives

A great way to make the former customers work is to entice them towards your brand again. The same can be done by giving them great deals and discounts on your products. You can even customize the offer to the need of each former customer. This action from your end will make the company feel like you have realized your mistake and you want to correct it.

Educate the Former Customers

Call center service providers should also educate and inform the customers about their products. Tell them what makes the improved version of your product better than the earlier one and why they should try it. Also, you should make them understand why you weren’t able to solve the issue they faced, and that you are sorry for it.

Apart from the aforementioned points, work on security. Provide secured payment gateways, keep the information they share private. Following all that is being told in this blog will help call centers in India and abroad win back lost customers for their clients inexplicably.

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