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How Does Outsourcing Call Center in India Redefine Customer Experience and Legacy?

Posted by Akash Jaiswal
How Does Outsourcing Call Center in India Redefine Customer Experience and Legacy

In this era, outsourcing call centers in India is the most strategic business decision. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small, medium, or large organization, everyone continues to seek call center outsourcing partners who can handle their call at a nominal cost, provide outbound calls, handle difficulties with peak traffic, and provide them access to experts in customer relationship management (CRM).

To increase strategic competitiveness, call center outsourcing may be used to derive real value from a non-core competency and produce above-average profits.

Well, in this blog we state how a call center in India redefines customer experience and legacy. But before going deeper let’s understand what call center outsourcing is and how it works. So, let’s get started!

Call Center Outsourcing - What It Is, Exactly?

Call center outsourcing is also famous as business process outsourcing (BPO). it involves subcontracting some specific processes including technical support, customer service, and collection of debt as well as a promotional market to a trustable third-party service provider. Additionally, call center outsourcing also handles tele calling which can be either inbound calls and/or outbound calls.

Today, numerous companies have partnerships with the outsourcing call center service provider to outsource their core operations so that their in-house teams can concentrate on some other essential tasks. Furthermore, a huge number of call center outsourcing set up in countries with higher competencies but nominal labor costs.

How to Get Started Call Center Outsourcing?

When you consider call center outsourcing for your business then here are some of the key steps that ensure your plan for the outsourcing is on the track. They are mentioned below. So, let’s have a look at them!

1. Identify Your Requirements:

Before hiring a call center outsourcing service provider, you should be clear with your business needs. It is essential to figure out why would you require the call center outsourcing services.

Well, here we have mentioned some of the indicators that show your business needs to outsource its call center. It can include:

  • An enhanced number of calls
  • A huge amount to run your call center department
  • Require to concentrate on the core competencies
  • Avoid issues of additional staff
  • Improving the scale of customer service
  • To expend your new territories

So, these are the indicators that show your organization is ready to outsource its call center. Once your requirements are complete, collaborate with your team to develop a scorecard that will help you evaluate potential providers.

2. Look Up Potential Vendors:

Search online for potential providers after deciding your call center outsourcing needs and objectives. On websites like Upwork,, or by performing a quick Google search, you may browse for businesses that specialize in outbound or inbound call center outsourcing.

Today's businesses are always working to increase customer satisfaction. To do this, the call center service provider with the best ratings and most encouraging reviews is strongly recommended online.

3. Have Advance Technology:

Before, finalizing of call center outsourcing process, you have to ensure that the service provider should have advanced technology. This is because the use of the latest technology in the outsourced call center is highly demanding.

These days, customers expect companies to solve and handle their queries instantly. Therefore, before partnering with call center outsourcing service providers, you must ensure that they have all the advanced technology and tools to run the process seamlessly.

In an outsourced call center, the third-party service provider takes over your call center. Therefore, cloud-based call center software will be the most essential tool for call center outsourcing.

An on-premise call center is preferred to a cloud-based call center for the following reasons:

  • Simple installation and configuration
  • No hardware purchase is necessary
  • Easily scalable
  • Exceptionally trustworthy
  • Has additional features including click-to-call, sophisticated IVR, and live call monitoring.

After that, the best call center outsourcing companies ought to:

  • Calls should be sent to the right representative.
  • Help management put an omnichannel strategy into practice.
  • To assist workers to perform their tasks successfully, provide them with additional knowledge.

4. Have a Look at the Right Skills:

Beware while selecting a call center service provider. This is because the skills of your service provider will directly relate to your success. Additionally, providing a better customer experience will also depend on the skills of the customer representatives.

Besides, also ensure that the service provider is a pro in managing time as well as tasks. Because today customers don’t want to wait in the queues. The call center service providers must ensure that they will attend to all of your customers in no time.

Consumer trust in a company is influenced by customer service. With call center outsourcing, you entrust the task of satisfying your customers to the third-party service provider. The data above suggest that to handle the complexities of the work, agents need to be well-prepared and possess a solid skill set.

The following skills should be sought when choosing a call center outsourcing service provider:

  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Empathy
  • Complete knowledge about products and services
  • Organization
  • Aptitude for addressing issues

5. Select Call Center Outsourcing Partner:

The service provider whom you select will be the primary connection with your customers. Therefore, initiate your partnership with similar goals. Additionally, hiring the right third-party service provider will follow a disciplined process with detailed criteria to evaluate the capabilities.

The easiest way to achieve this is using a Request for Proposals (RFP). Send the details to 10 prospective partners on your list who fit your requirements. Online searches, recommendations from business connections, or industry associations are all possible places to find potential partners.

The RFP has to include the following things:

  • The minimal amount of hours of coverage
  • Supported language pairs
  • Information on adding data integration to your systems
  • The intended level of coverage, whether it is external or internal
  • Efficacy of delivery (fix rates and response time)
  • Continuous action (know the number of sites, as well as synchronization and disaster recovery plans)

After that, take the interview of the finalist and also consider visiting their center to have a look at how they operate furthermore, reassemble your team and then make a final selection. Besides, notify the other finalists and also your selected partner about your decision.

At this stage, now you are ready to outsource your call center services to a suitable customer care representative. With the selected partner, negotiate a contract that includes a Service Level Agreement (SLA). A complete workload transfer strategy should also be developed.

6. Manage the Connection:

The success of call center outsourcing will depend heavily on the continuing management of the relationship. To make sure that everything goes well and that expectations are set properly, you should have a dedicated relationship manager managing this relationship. Establish communication guidelines and schedule frequent meetings to evaluate performance and address any potential issues.

What are the Leverages of Call Center in India to Redefine the Customer Satisfaction and Legacy?

Customers' expectations are driving businesses all around the world to place a higher value on customer service. If you want to concentrate on your main business, handling all office procedures on your own won't produce the desired results. The only way for businesses to effectively grow their business, which results in higher earnings and the opening of new markets, is through call center outsourcing. Since Indian outsourcing companies are known for their operational effectiveness and technological advancement, an outsourcing call center in India has several benefits.

Now, here we list down some key gains of the call center in India that redefine customer satisfaction and legacy. They are the following. So, let’s have a look at them!

1. Highly Trained and Skilled Professionals:

Well, India is known for its reputed universities, and also lakhs of students graduate each year including IT as well. Due to the skilled professionals in the country, outsourcing industries always hire skilled and educated teams of experts.

Besides, many skilled professionals are well known in some other foreign languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, and many more which aids the agency to offer customer service across Europe as well.

2. Pricing Flexibility:

In comparison to other countries like North America and Europe, India has a relatively low currency. So, in that case when any European And American company chooses to outsource their call center in India then they will not just get a lower price but also get the flexibility of selecting service based on the company’s requirements.

Call centers in India are extremely flexible. Additionally, you will get educated professionals who are pros in handling call center challenges and also delivering projects on time.

3. Experienced Destination for Outsourcing:

Well, India is considered a preferred hotspot for call center outsourcing. For more than two decades, India is know as an ideal destination for call center outsourcing and also for high-quality business process outsourcing services. In addition, certainly experienced personnel is known for managing difficult and crucial project circumstances. They possess strong analytical abilities that let them provide clients with efficient customer service.

4. Reduced Operating Expenses:

Outsourcing business services, notably to India, results in much lower operating costs than managing it internally. Infrastructure, overhead, personnel, buildings, technology, and equipment are just a few of the expenses incurred by in-house teams. You may cut your operational expenditures in half and relieve the stress of staff management by outsourcing the operation of your call center in India.

5. Advantage of Time Zone:

If your business operates in a foreign market, the time zone there will probably be different from the one in your own country. You can save money on operating costs by outsourcing call center services to Indian outsourcing companies, and you will also get round-the-clock customer care. The majority of Indian outsourcing businesses are open around-the-clock, every day of the year to give unhindered customer service.

Sum Up:

In this era, it doesn't matter which organization you have. This is because today every organization focuses on providing better customer service because customer expectations are increasing day by day. So to meet their requirement every company needs BPO service. But it is also true that hiring an in-house team can be a hassle. Therefore, outsourcing a call center in India will be an ideal way to redefine the customer experience and legacy as well.

A call center in India provides various leverages to the organization that leads the company towards growth and also provides a top position in this competitive market. Go4customer is a reputed outsourcing company that provides various call center services at a nominal price including customer support, inbound calls, outbound calls, AI chatbot customer service, data entry, and many more. Go4customer ensures to provide seamless services to the clients as per the business need.

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