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How is Outsourcing Work to Call Centers in India a Beneficial Option?

Posted by Rahul Bhaduri

International companies have always found it preferable to outsource call center services to India, when equated to outsourcing in Philippines, China and other countries in Asia. India, at all times, has been the most ideal outsourcing location, since call centers here offers a wide range of benefits as compared to other countries. At present, outsourcing work to India has become a routine for numerous global companies. Several international companies are also introducing call centers in the country, for the reason that India has a large experienced workforce and it can also deliver lucrative call center outsourcing services. Outsourcing call center services to India will give your business a competitive edge.

The reasons why outsourcing call center services to India makes business sense:


Educated and Skilled personnel

In India, Call centers have a large number of tech-savvy, qualified, skilled, trained and experienced pros. India is the second on the list, after The United States of America, with the highest English-speaking populace. And, this factor has given India a leading edge over other nations. As per the research conducted, we can say that it will have knowledgeable and substantial number of workforce till continuum.

The manpower in India is willing to work at a lower salary. Manpower usually accounts for 60 to 65 percent of the total cost, in a call center operation. As compared to other countries, manpower is cheaper in India.

Focused call center outsourcing services

In India, Call centers offers a number of outsourcing services, like inbound call center services, outbound call center service, telemarketing services, disaster recovery services, technical helpdesk services, and email support services. Call centers also provides a cloud of IT enabled services, like accounting services, helpdesk services, remote network management and many more. Indian call centers propose lucrative outsourcing services without negotiating with the quality.

Advantageous Time Zone

Growingly international companies have been outsourcing their work to India, because of time zone advantage of India. The twelve hour time difference, in India, facilitates global organizations to deliver their clients with 24*7 services. The companies in The United States of America takes the benefit of this time difference and make sure that their clients are getting a good customer support service all the time.

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