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How to Carve a Niche in the Competitive Business World?

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
Carve a Niche in the Competitive Business World

Which organization does not aspire to achieve organizational growth?  Organizations try innovative business strategies; concentrate on short term and long terms goals; and focus on core areas; yet, how many of those have actually been able to realize their business goals?  While a few organizations have successfully been able to carve a niche, most businesses have failed to do so.  The prime difference between those two types of organizations is the difference in their approach towards outsourcing. 

Analytical surveys and in-depth studies reveal that the organizations that outsource their business specific functions to call centers or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms have better chances of realizing organizational goals. 

Therefore, experts always suggest organizations to realize the importance and significance of outsourcing business related functions to reputed BPO firms or call centers.  Organizations must avail call center services to ensure that their march toward organizational growth remains steady.

Call center services are primarily availed by organizations to share responsibilities, in conjunction with credibility and answerability, with outside vendors related to multiple business related functions.  By sharing responsibilities, credibility, and answerability with organizations, call centers ensure that businesses are no more compelled to invest their resources and energy unnecessarily for conduction of non-core business functions. 

Furthermore, call centers also help organizations to improve their customer services functions significantly, and thereby maximizing their efficiency and profitability.

Services rendered by BPO firms can be broadly characterized into two sets: outbound and inbound.  Inbound call center services are chiefly availed by organizations to improve their customer support functions.  In the age of volatile market and shifting purchasing behaviors of consumers, expanding the customer base is nothing less than a challenge for every organization.  Businesses, across domains, serve their customers with various products and services.  They also try to please their customers by offering various discount offers. 

However, very few organizations have been able to expand their customer base, and one prime reason behind that is their insincerity towards customer support provisions.  Whenever a customer has any confusion, issue, complaint, and/or queries regarding any product or service of a company, he/she prefers to develop direct conversations with the representatives of the company.  Customers even prefer to talk to a company’s representatives before purchasing any product or availing any service from the company. 

There could be multiple reasons that might compel consumers to have discussions with the company’s representatives.  Therefore, organizations must ensure that their customers are served with the suitable provisions.  By availing these inbound services, organizations can ensure the same in the most convenient way. 

These inbound services primarily constitute round-the-clock or uninterrupted helpdesk for customers, so that their queries or issues are resolved in the most efficient ways.  Some of the most prominent provisions of inbound services are:

1. Complaint handling

2. Technical troubleshooting

3. Request registering

4. Order booking

5. Inbound upselling

As customer services function is the key factor around which the performance or fate of every organization revolves, businesses must avail inbound call center services to ensure that their customers are offered enriching and pleasant experience.  These call centers hire experienced thriving professionals, also referred to as “Customer Care Executives.”  Call centers further comprehensively train these CCEs to nourish their communication skills. 

These call center professionals are trained regarding how to develop polite, informative, and enriching conversations with customers.  During these training sessions, CCEs are given detailed descriptions of all the products and services of a company.  They are also trained to enhance their skills regarding how to comprehend the issues or problems that customers are facing, so that they can offer the most appropriate solutions to the customers. 

These professionally trained CCEs can efficiently ensure organizations that their customers are offered personalized experience.  This can directly impact the customer retention as well as customer acquisition capability of organizations. 

Outbound call center services help organizations to accomplish or perform varied business related functions, such as data verification or telemarketing.  Outbound calling services can have direct impact on the revenue generation capabilities; therefore, businesses outsource this function to renowned telemarketing call centers.

One of the most advantageous aspects of availing services from call centers is that they help organizations in creating as well as analyzing business prospects across varied geographical locations.  Call centers conduct researches and surveys, which are primarily focused on analyzing and tracking purchasing patterns of customers in different time zones and forecasting the conditions of market. 

Call centers collect and offer these valuable data to organizations, so that businesses can further incorporate and strategize their policies accordingly.  These data also help organizations to comprehend and analyze the changes that they must induce in their products and services to cater to the demands and expectations of their customers exactly.

In a nutshell, call center services help organizations to enhance their overall performance expediently.

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