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How to Make Notable Difference to Your Clients with Call Center Services?

Posted by Neeti Patial

In a highly competitive landscape where businesses vie for prospective clients; customer satisfaction is reckoned as a key differentiator. Do you know that businesses that thrive well in cut-throat environment are the ones that make customer satisfaction an integral part of their business strategy? Customer experience indeed plays a decisive role in driving business success and revenue growth.

Post-sale customer engagement has undoubtedly become a significant part of any business across different industry verticals. Call center outsourcing services act as business enabler. They not only help you retain existing customers, but also secure new ones. Each and every interaction that takes place between a call agent and your potential or existing client has a powerful impact on the overall customer experience and brand perception.

Why to invest in call center outsourcing services?

Whenever your customer feels stuck due to queries related to product or service, they first think of getting in touch with a representative who can help them take final purchase decision. For this you need to timely handle their queries. After all, who doesn’t want their customers to be so impressed with the right information and exceptional experience presented to them? It can only happen if you put the required investment into recruitment and training of call agents. However, if you are tempted to reduce overhead cost, bear this fact in mind that all of your promotion, merchandise development and review capturing will be wasted, if poorly trained agents drive your customers away when they call you.

That’s why determining whether to have in-house call center, or outsource is such an imperative decision. Some factors that one must consider are:

      i.     Overall setup cost

      ii.    Size of the organization

      iii.   Recruitment & training expenditure

      iv.    Level of client engagement

In-house call center or call center outsourcing services?

Outsourcing your call center services is not something that should be taken lightly. It is true that there is a lot of potential for decreasing operating costs, but you have to ensure beforehand that your call center service provider is proficient enough in delivering outstanding service to your customers.

Before committing to call center outsourcing services, you must make sure that there is a constructive and strong management structure in place and all agents allocated to serve your customers have necessary industry expertise. Some of the advantages of this setup over in-house call center are:

1. Cost advantages – There are various call center service providers that strive to deliver quality services at a competitive cost. You are saved from the headaches of incurring huge capital expenditure on setting up in-house call center and hiring/training call agents.

2. Augmented bottom-lines – Outsourcing call center services can help in maximizing profits margins. In fact, it can bring about desired improvement in overall aspects of your business, with regards to excellence, performance and productivity.

3. Round the clock services- All you customer calls are handled diligently round the clock and help you serve your customers even beyond standard working hours, without keeping your office open.

4. Latest technology used: Whether it's sophisticated servers or fully web-enabled seats, these service providers are committed to make use of the latest technology available to meet your expectations. They try to maintain robust technology platform featuring powerful hardware components (switches, routers and voice gateways) throughout their network. Plus, they have multiple carriers and excess network bandwidth for reliability and to meet the growing network requirements of their clients. By outsourcing call center services, you can leverage cutting-edge technology and infrastructure without investing your capital.

Wrapping up:

Streamline your key business operations and serve your customers in a better way by outsourcing call center services.


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