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How to Train Agents of Virtual Call Center, Remotely

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

The trend of setting up a business at a remote location has been flourishing for years. But with the sudden outbreak of pandemics, things seem to come to a halt….not for just a moment, but for unexpected timings and with unseen circumstances.

With organizations shifting their workspaces to WFH, the need to change the definition of working caricature has become a necessity, which further involves training the existing and new agents at the location of the employee itself by setting up a virtual call center and business space.

Training the agents at other job roles is much easier in comparison to agents of the call center.

But for the sake of current time, the need and urge have grown up to another level, which significantly demands the requirement to train the agents of the call center and continue the movement of the business wheel.

5 Ways about Arranging Call Center Agent Training Remotely:

Till the moment, in the middle of the pandemic, all organizations have understood the urgency of allowing their employees to conduct the practice of work from home.

In order to facilitate the queries and sales conversion of its customers, each business organization is trying its best to retain its employees and continue to earn the profit with the same.

If you are looking for ways to train your existing and new set of employees, it is important to understand the in-depth of business and step in the shoes of your employees to understand their working scenario and availability of aiding resources.

Following are the five ways through which, the organization can enhance the credibility of employees and train them with better services to the customer by serving them from remote and virtual call center-

1.   Install Web training Tools:

In the times of pandemics, the organizations are bulldozing up their level of services.

All thanks to the advent of digitalization and technology!

The organization looking up for training its employees at offshore locations should primarily introduce the web training tools and software, in order to enhance the catering of call center services and solutions.

These tools allow the team to gather over a single and virtual platform, where they can discuss the issues related to point of business astriction and related matters.

The commonly used tools are Zoom, Goto meetings, Google meet, etc.

2.   Webinars and E-Learning Targeted Coachings:

Apart from introducing the meeting software to the employees of the organization, the company should focus more on training the employees by hiring an expert on concerned subjects and issues, needed to be addressed.

The organization practicing for virtual call center must understand the pain points of their employees and offer better solutions for the same by creating sessions in form of online classes and webinars over the viable platform.

3.   Foster the Office Culture for Remote Location Jobs:

No doubt, maintaining the vibes of office culture at the remote location and work from home is really tough to manage.

But working for an organization dealing with customer support services demands their employees stay updated with the latest flow of working in the call center, and that can only be attained by creating the aura of discipline in the working preface.

To draft maximum output from the virtual call center, it is essential to foster the culture of the working environment in the niche, even at the owned spaces of employees.

One can conduct the practice by increasing the engagement rate of activities amid the employees and targeted set of customers that can be easily done through sharing of reports, conferences, and customer’s area of difficulty and challenges faced by the organization during the course of the pandemic.

4.   Assign the Task and Tickets, Conveniently:

The ultimate agenda of the organization hiring employees is to get the work done in a streamlined fashion.

Therefore, when aiming to train the employees for marking the task as complete, initiate the practices with baby steps of allocating the task to the team.

Also, work in close collaboration with resources as per measured call center metrics and required amount of target for completing the purpose of having a call center for the brand’s product and services.

5.   Implement Cloud-Based Solutions and Software for Setting Virtual Call Center:

In the current scenario, where working from remote locations or home is one of the safest places, in order to stay safe from the wrath of the virus.

To accommodate the requirement of customers, businesses, and employees, the concerned authority of the organization should move forward with the practice of implementing the cloud-based solutions and software at the place of employees along with other required and essential resources.

The cloud-based services bolster in understanding the business and customer’s obligation, discarding the need to hustle for understanding the raised query of the customer.

If you are looking for ways to rule the benefits and earn perks from the same, it is vital to improvise the steps for the modern way for delivery of services by providing and training each employee of the organization to work affirmatively with the facility of WFH and virtual call center set-up.

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