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How to Turn your Disgruntled Customer into Valuable Assets?

Posted by Neeti Patial
Disgruntled Customer are Valuable Assets - Go4_customer

There are certain things that critically impact a company’s market reputation more than the way it retorts to grievances and disgruntled customers. Customer support services have always been an indispensable part for building desired brand loyalty.

With the rising popularity of the Internet and social media among general populace where they can express their viewpoints openly, it’s becoming even more crucial for companies to deliver outstanding customer service.

It has never been that easier for customers before to overtly share their experiences, and the way you retort to angry customers actually determine what they say about you later. So, the only way you can ratify that unhappy customer complaints are addressed immediately is through professional help. Corporate call center can save you from headache of pacifying unhappy customers.

In this article, we'll explore how these external call centers can give your customer a pacifier and help you win customer trust once again.

There is no denying the fact that each discontent contact has the potential to become your company’s a key referral, provided you are willing to hear them out.

Here are some of the key ways to turn disgruntled customers into a valuable resource for your business:

Attentively hear them-

All complaints are similarly themed – something had happened which wasn’t meant to happen. A product isn’t working up to the mark, a technician didn’t show up as scheduled, and an expectation wasn’t met as expected. In any event, your customer was causes inconvenience. By the time the issue is austere enough for the customer to immediately seek assistance by connecting with you, they are certainly distressed.

If call representative retort to an unhappy customer by instantly trying to get to a resolution, it can perhaps boomerang and make the consumer even more sad. Being unhappy or irritated with a service provider or product puts the purchaser in a highly sensitive state, so the first thing that corporate call center expert representatives do is attentively listen and get them agreeable mind frame. It also gives you the opportunity to gain better insight into whether any changes need to be done in the product or not.

Oftentimes an unhappy customer really cares more about just feeling that they have been understood very well by the executive. But if your in-house staff immediately jumps to a resolution, the customer won’t feel like you’ve taken the time to truly hear their problem. Believe it or not, with so many other things to complete your limited in-house staff won’t have enough of time in hand to attentively listen to each and every customer calls. Hence, outsourcing support services to call centers do makes sense.

Delight your unhappy customer-

No doubt, some problems seem to be quite easy to be resolved but are more complex than others to fix. For example, a supplier fails to meet the critical deadline and many more. Sometimes, there are certain things that you actually can’t, but you can always formulate a tactic to make up to the customer. The magnitude to which you do so will go a long way towards turning your peeved customer into your most vocal promoter.

Going out of your way to accommodate a customer’s varying requirements makes them feel appreciated, valued and on top of things. Whenever likely, you need to give your customer even more than what they have asked for. By providing even the least amount beyond what they expect, you can make them feel like they are your most treasured and esteemed customer.

This can be achievable provided you deliver round the clock support services to them, which can’t be possible without unwavering assistance of external corporate call center.  They help you convert unhappy customers into loyal customers which will dramatically influence your repeated

Help you in shaping positive reputation-

On the flip side, a disgruntled customer that’s converted into a pleased one becomes even more loyal than a gratified customer. Simply put, customers feel more satisfied specifically when they encounter problem and that is resolved satisfactorily.

Better still, when an annoyed client receives unwavering customer support services they are more likely to spread positive word of mouth to their friends and family members. This will help you in shaping positive brand image in the market. However, the most effective way to do that is outsource your customer support services to reputable contact center. They engage a dedicated team of expert telemarketers and call representatives who leave no stone unturned to ensure no customer complaint remains unresolved.

Help you grab every opportunity to improve product/service-

Corporate call center after resolving the issue faced by the customer end the opened loop by creating create a detailed report. This detailed report mainly includes complete information regarding the issue customer faced while using company’s product or service and what all measures were taken to resolve the problem. Not to mention, unhappy customers are an instrumental resource as they provide authentic information about your business, which can certainly help you to improve and stand ahead in the competition.


Ultimately, it’s significant not lose sight of the fact that customer desires are pretty forthright. They simply want their expectations met timely and with no maddening delays or complications. So, to optimize your customer support services look for right support and guidance of reputable corporate call center.


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