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India – The Global Hotspot for Call Center Operations

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call center india

The role of technology has evolved over the years. From being the means to make human life simpler, it has made the world come together. Today, technology is one of the attributes that bind us together. So much so, it has helped humans explore and become informed about almost everything that exists in this world and beyond. Organizations design services and products that utilize the latest inventions and developments in the field of technology to cater to their customers’ needs.

A few decades ago, it would have been virtually impossible to reach or connect with the other half of the world; but technology has helped us achieve that. Making a stronghold in almost every industry, the call center domain has benefitted immensely by technology. Not only has it made jobs simpler and easier, but also allowed businesses to be conducted round-the-clock, so organizations can reap more profits and tread on the path of success.

Call centers in India came to power with the introduction of information and communication technology. Over the years, India has become an undeniable attraction for organizations that are seeking a demographic to outsource their call center operations. By having climbed ahead of other Asian nations, India basks in the glory of being one of the most sought after destinations that provides effective call center services. The value of services provided by call centers in India is further enhanced by the highly qualified and well-trained talent pool that caters to customer queries by offering customer support services.

Several organizations look to India to establish their call center operations. While the call center industry touched down several years ago, it started gaining dominance in 2005. While $7.2 billion worth of services were provided in the fiscal year of 2006, India is home to around 400,000 employees in the call center sector (astonishingly, this constitutes 40 percent of the overall one million people servicing in this domain). Of the estimated $120-150 billion revenue generated, offshore BPO services make up $11.4 billion – with India contributing to 63 percent of the lot.

While the numbers are impressive, there is a lot more other than statistics that gives India a solid reputation in the call center industry. As suggested previously, India is a major contributor to the offshore business. Organizations look to outrival one another in today’s competition, and the ones that only provide effective services but also have strong support systems prosper and emerge as victorious. Demographics that amass all the facets necessary for maintaining efficiency in call center operations are considered thoroughly by organizations before they decide to outsource – this is where India outraces its competitors.

What also plays a significantly huge role in determining the success of a call center is the ability of the workforce it employs to handle large amounts of customer calls and the effectiveness with which it can provide solutions to their queries and complaints. A well qualified, skillful and able team of agents can uplift the levels of customer satisfaction, something which every organization endeavors to achieve. For this, they need to be properly trained to handle calls with eloquence. Providing satisfaction to customers is a job for every call center agent; a dissatisfied customer, on the other hand, is like a black mark on the name of the organization. Therefore, the level of training received is what divides a successful and prosperous organization from an inefficient one.

Outsourcing helps organizations in several ways. Firstly, it takes the weight of tasks that it can transfer to an external vendor off of them, allowing them to channel their resources, especially time and money, to more constructive business tasks. It can also be advantageous in terms of risk-sharing. By outsourcing, an organization can share accountability with a partner that specializes in call center operations.

The Indian government has also lent tremendous assistance in the growth and expansion of the call center industry. From the development of infrastructure in terms of cutting edge technology, state-of-the-art facilities and backup systems to ensure unfortunate scenarios like power outages do not affect a continuous provision of services, and enhancement of communication systems and broadband computing, to investing billions to make services more efficient and satisfactory, and finally providing a duty-free import of capital goods, the government has held a vital role in shaping India into a call center hotspot.

Organizations seek India to establish their call center operations because of the level of proficiency its workforce displays and the ability possessed in handling customer calls and providing quality support to make certain that highest levels of satisfaction are achieved. Moreover, a provision of cost-effective call center services allows organizations to save time and money, and concentrate on core business activities. By setting up call centers in India, an organization can benefit not just by maximum customer satisfaction, but also shaping its name and reputation in the global market.

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