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Is Call Answering going to be gulped by AI?

Posted by Shashvat

There is no simple answer if you want to introspect the role ultra-modern technologies are going to play in the coming future of businesses. Albeit the vigorous usage of AI has already alerted many industries, the picture is much more perplex than it seems like.

The profit-centric syndrome of the business world has opened up the doors for state-of-art technologies like AI and RPA to step in and penetrate various units. If you are a business owner, you do understand that you will do whatever yields the maximum profit for your company, right? That’s what AI is doing. It is generating more profit for the enterprises and organizations of all sizes by making them more efficient and performing.

However, not everyone is happy with the inclusion of breakthrough technologies in the business industry. There has been fear that AI is going to eliminate the comprehensive requirement of human professionals in a number of fields. One such business function is 24 hour answering service.

The shady course of call center services ahead

Any organization that is targeting to reach the apical rank in the market have to be the finest in the basics first. For instance, being available for your customers around-the-clock makes your brand nonpareil. Having a five-star brand image ensures the continuous generation of revenue. This is what makes answering services such important essentiality for businesses.

Many SMBs and even enterprises were already outsourcing these services to specialized vendors overseas. Cheap labor, superior quality standard, and scalability are the attributes that entice many business owners to delegate their answering services to 24 hour call center outsourcing services across India, Philippines, China, Malaysia, etc.

Everything was quite streamlined and the contact centers were leveraging excellent return for their service deliverance. Even businesses were profiting from the outsourcing strategy. Things changed when new tech entered and turned the entire game. At first, there came an alternative to having a reception in your organization. Virtual receptionists where automated messages and pre-set recording guides the caller through a maze of options to direct them to the concerned unit. This weed out the need for any human to sit and respond to the callers. Humans can’t work efficiently daily for 24 hours, but AI can. Humans can get tired, AI can’t. Humans need days off in a week, AI doesn’t.

This has endangered of the role the call center agents who have been offering the answering service to businesses for more than a decade now.

What is AI doing in answering service spectrum?

Where there will be a void, something will fill it. Nothing in this universe can be left empty. In the worse of conditions even empty space is filled with micro atoms or dark matter. This is nature’s principle, which is applicable everywhere. Although the phone answering segment was running quite well with human agents taking the calls on behalf of organizations, there were some drawbacks.

For instance, companies that operate on the global level require 24-hour assistance for their customers. There are 24 hour call centers but even they had some challenges to face. The employee turnover rate in these call centers is explicitly high because of a load of meeting targets put on the agent’s head. This sometimes hampers the quality of service delivered to customers. Also, call centers had to ensure that agents work on the rotational shift to meet the requirements of businesses. This put these BPS vendors in a position to hire more workforce.

Albeit these investments, there have been instances of lousy service deliverance. A need for a much efficient workforce that works relentlessly without compromising on the service quality standard arises. AI stepped in as a solution that not just automates the call answering process by eradicating the need for human intervention but also handles more than one call at once and in multiple languages.

Apart from the virtual receptionists, AI also empowers robocallers. These are the AI-powered bots that read human reaction, analyze it, and then pick the most suited response to put forward in front of the caller. Sometimes the caller doesn’t even notice that the entire communication was taken by a robot. These are the agents that can keep on taking calls on your behalf without a break. They leave you out of the trouble of hiring phone answering agents and also ensure that you don’t miss even a single call that can give you an opportunity to earn.

Not just the corporate firms but also the professionals like real-estate managers, doctors, lawyers, etc can be benefited from the AI-boosted bot callers.

Along with this, there is also a self-service option that helps callers to navigate the confusing options and end up with the most relevant alternative. There is zero need for a human agent.

The other side

The picture might be looking like a bit biased in the favor of AI. However, it doesn’t mean that AI doesn’t end up without any hindrances. AI is the pre-set programming language that is used to do extraneous tasks without any requirement of human interference. Does that mean that humans will be no longer needed in the phone answering service deliverance? To an extent, yes, but the loss of jobs will be eventually neutralized with the more requirement of professionals to handle the AI. Moreover, when callers appear with a complex issue or a sophisticated query, human intervention becomes inevitable.

So, the operational style of the call centers will change but the need for a human in these entities is not going to fade away anytime soon. Thus, AI is not overshadowing the call answering sector but it is resurfacing it and for good. Do you agree? Let me know in the comment sections. Thanks! At Go4customer, you will find all you need to know about our call center in India.

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