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Metrics to Evaluate Call Center Performance

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
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Call center outsourcing enables businesses across the globe to focus on key business objectives and revenue drivers.  A wide range of global businesses, SMEs, blue chip companies, and even state-owned enterprises collaborate with call centers in order to streamline their mission-critical functions and reinforce their business bottom lines.  Considering the benefits that call center outsourcing has in store for organizations, its popularity and acceptance are bound to increase with the passage of time.  However, to capitalize efficiently on potential opportunities in global outsourcing marketplace, every service provider needs to evaluate its performance in methodological, analytical, and pragmatic ways.  They must pay attention to key metrics that can help them in monitoring and analyzing their overall efficiency, performance, and competency.

This blogs lists some key metrics that can enable call centers to evaluate their performance rationally.

Customer Satisfaction Score:  In relation to call center operations, Customer Satisfaction (CSat) score is a measure of how call center services meet or surpass customer expectations.  This enables call centers to monitor customers’ experience with customer-centric support services.  Many call centers facilitate customers with toll-free text messaging provisions in order to gauge their satisfaction level with respect to the services offered.

First Call Resolution:  FCR is such a crucial call center performance metric that should be paid special attention.  Call centers should incorporate and implement an effective strategy that can ensure efficient resolution to customers, right on the very first call.  This ensures higher customer satisfaction and enhanced reputation to businesses.

Revenue Per Call:  RPC is generally calculated by diving the total amount of revenues (generated through call center functions) by the number of calls.  Although this is primarily related to outbound call center operations; however, with the rising popularity of inbound telemarketing, this becomes an important metric for overall call center performance evaluation.  It is quite necessary to focus on revenues generated by call center functions in order to ensure proficient services to businesses.

Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Rate:  Call centers must keep a close eye on up-sell/cross-sell rate, which ensures extended assistance to businesses.  This is revenue-centric call center outsourcing attribute, and it is becoming increasingly popular practice that helps companies in meeting customers’ expectations and maximizing business revenues simultaneously.

Cost Per Call:  It is a major factor that is entirely associated with the cost of running a call center company.  Cost per call includes all expenditures made by a company on handling each call, and those expenditures include the cost of setting up a call center infrastructure, arranging telecommunication equipment, installing appropriate business specific software, and employing skilled staff.

Average Call Handling Time:  This is an important performance metric for call center planning system and contact center management framework.  Call handling time not only includes the duration of time during which executives and customers talk, but also includes the total span of time required to handle each call and perform the related formalities, such as making entry in database, updating CRM, and so on.

Quality Scores:  Unquestionably, this is the most common performance metric in call center outsourcing industry.  Call centers monitor telephonic conversations between agents and customers to monitor, examine, and evaluate the quality of conversations and the ways in which customers or agents respond.  This metric also helps call centers in ensuring dissemination of accurate, reliable, and appropriate business information.

Active Calls vs. Waiting Calls:  It is a real-time status metric used in call center outsourcing industry.  It is the ratio of number of active calls as compared to the number of calls waiting to be routed to agents.  Call centers must always monitor these data and share those with the agents to evaluate performance of overall call center services.  This in turn can pave way for reduced average call handling time as well.

Call Abandonment:  This performance metric relates to the number of calls that are disconnected before being answered.  As this metric can influence customer satisfaction score, call enters must have adequate number of PRI lines connections to minimize call abandonment rate.  An intact tab on abandonment rate can ensure enhanced customer loyalty, customer referrals, and customer advocacy.

Staff Turnover/Retention:  This is the best performance metric to gauge the satisfaction level of your workforce, and therefore, call centers must keep a close eye on the ratio of staff that leaves.  By tracking and analyzing these data, call centers can develop insights regarding the factors that influence staff turnover rates.

These are key metrics that call centers must pay special attention to in order to adeptly evaluate their performance, competency, and efficiency.  Not only this, an in-depth analysis of key performance metrics can also help call centers in achieving operational excellence conveniently. Go4customer is a leading call center in India.

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