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Micro Coaching: The Growing Trend!

Posted by Prachi Priya

A micro-coaching call center services are services where a supervisor coaches her/his agent for any specific customer interaction instantly. The process is far more effective than other training sessions and brings much better results for the business. This is the reason companies call micro-coaching the new trend in the customer support outsourcing industry.

Imagine your manager calling you for a mistake that you did weeks ago and scolding for the same. It is better to get the issue solved when it arises and micro-coaching does the same. The idea of a micro-coaching call center is slowly becoming famous especially in contact centers where staffs receive the response of their actions from managers immediately as they perform any task. This highlights the fact that the supervisor is active enough, checks the positive/negative aspects of his agents, consults them to praise them for their success and even helps them know their flaws to make changes instantly.

The purpose of call center outsourcing is to get a business expert at work who can deal with all customers efficiently. Companies generally lack skilled agents to take care of calling services and hiring a team of experts can be very costly. This is why outsourcing business functions is an effective medium, as it saves expenses for the business, and saves time over hiring and training.

The appeal of micro-coaching is sensible as it talks about responding to queries instantly, rather than waiting for meetings that take place variably later in time. Businesses today look forward to adding the micro-coaching facility to their business workflow as it helps to save operational costs and brings enhanced performance too.

Implementing micro-coaching to the business!

How can a company implement an effective micro-coaching business program? This question is the most prominent one when we talk about micro-coaching implementation for organizations. Many people also think that it can be a drawback as supervisors have lots of work and giving instant replies and solutions can’t be possible every time. Nor can managers deliver immediate feedback in some situations.

Therefore, in order to make the feedback process successful, a real-time tool is necessary that displays the customer perspective into a viewable platform for managers to analyze. Having a tool, the supervisors can actually save time, which was earlier required to listen to calls to judge the agents. The tool gives a real-time review and helps the managers give an effective judgment and review the agents in an easy manner.

Moreover, call center outsourcing companies when implement micro-coaching call center, shave down expenses. Now you must be assuming how it is so! Well, when companies look after their agent productivity seriously, it automatically cuts down operational costs, which was earlier very high due to repetitive tasks by agents.

When managers observe the agents on a regular basis, they know where their agents’ need a performance booster. Additionally, when the agent makes a mistake, the supervisor can easily talk to them through an actionable 1:1 conversation. This way the staff is motivated to do better, which helps to make quick decisions for business enhancement. Moreover, capturing the data and knowing the customer demands, the business makes better decisions and even spots the latest ongoing trends. The trends inform about customer needs and highlight the ways your business can excel with changing demands.

Steps to Effectively Coaching Call Center Agents:

Coaching sessions

Before calling the agent for coaching sessions, managers need to make a framework of the tasks they would be discussing with their agents. It is important to save time and discuss aspects that actually need a change. This involves setting good objectives, taking an approach that is not offensive but is advising to the agent, including the agents prior in planning to help them understand how to manage and prepare for the coaching sessions, etc.

Feedback from the customers

Nothing can be more impactful than getting feedback from the customers’ perspective. The micro-coaching call center can benefit the best way by letting the staff know the customers’ opinion. Customers’ feedback initiates the agents to get along user queries in a better way and understand their way to bring efficient results. Managers can provide data having post-call surveys, quotes from customer calls, their emails, and call recordings, etc. to the agent for reference.

Identify the performance trends

Knowing the performance of agents, the call center outsourcing managers’ need to identify the trends based on call types.  Analyzing the trends, the managers get to know the market needs, the agents’ performance is easy to understand and the managers are able to justify their feedbacks based on the performance and the market trends. More targeted coaching is possible only when the correct identification of performance is clear with remembering the market trends.

Detect issues

To detect business issues, it is important for the managers to identify business needs and then look after the agents’ performance to note whether adequate requirements of the customers are taken care by the staffs or not. Listening to live calls can help! Managers at the initial level need to hear numerous live calls taken by the agents so that the agents’ performance is checked. Call center software can be used as it helps to listen to the customer-agent interact without letting them know. Further, using the compiled observation gathered from reviews over calls, managers can now help their agents grow better with helping them to get an idea over bringing better-enhanced customer-satisfaction.

Evaluating certain calls for trustworthy data

Hearing the calls is important to monitor and bring reliable data in the view. Micro coaching call center asks the supervisors to evaluate agents specifically for some defined calls, as the trend is clear and performance issues is no more a challenge.

Have a positive approach

Coaching the agents is not an easy task because influencing someone that they may wrong at times and directing them towards other steps for improvement is not easy. Many agents are stubborn over their way of communicating to the customers and to make them realize how they can perform better is possible only by having a positive approach. Coaching sessions are not about directing the agents to perform tasks however, is more about influencing them to perform better.

An action plan

Managers not only work to provide feedback, however, also collaborate with the agents to develop an action plan. It is important for the supervisors to ensure that the agents have an action plan and even have a view to working on it perfectly. Supervisors can help their agents in:

•    Duration of time to achieve goals.

•    Tell the agents how to move on with the goals and whom to work with.

•    Identify the predicted bars.

•    Boost them to bring efficient outputs.

All these steps help to ensure that the agents have a basic idea of carrying on with the business functions effectively.


Micro Coaching Call Center is the new trend and many companies are still unaware of its usage! This is why call center outsourcing companies are looking forward to bring it into use, so that improved service can pull customers towards the business functions. Here, at Go4customer, we give you an edge in business by virtue of being a prominent call center in India.

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