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Overcome Dissimilar Evaluation Outcomes with a Competent BPO Provider


In any evaluation model, target result is always a heavyweight factor. This palpable query is in reality the root cause of numerous problems which arise within BPO service evaluation processes.

Basically, a provider is a stakeholder who possesses a wide range of requirements within any evaluation project. A very prominent example would be a business stakeholder; it primarily focuses on limited results present within the provider network.

This step would ideally deliver results. But the concern with the process is that a procurement manager is always focused around obtaining lowest prices. On the other hand, a technology stakeholder would always be focused on easy system integrations.

Such a difference in the respective focus areas gives rise to frictions during the evaluation process. After all, varying focuses render dissimilar outcomes.

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How to solve this problem?

In order to get rid of the problem of coming up with dissimilar evaluation outcomes, it is important to determine evaluation criteria via clearly defined parameters. Such parameters more or less comprise of mathematical weightings, relational and/or experiential scorings. These traditional and non-traditional scientific element weightings must be applied to different evaluation areas. Only then, a clear agreement can be ensured and desired outcomes can be obtained.

Some mistakes committed by clients while evaluating potential outbound call center services:

A long list of interesting decision making steps have been making rounds as far as selecting a BPO service provider is concerned. A few of these steps do not seem to work out well for providers and clients. This is because, a list of common elements lead to a poor evaluation process.

They are:

  • Clients focus on big brands in BPOs and ignore actual people who deliver the service
  • Providers are selected based on the lowest provided price
  • Provider is selected by a procurement department and not by a business stake holder

So the crux of the matter is that decisions are not made around the brand name. The resulting poor selection outcome is the reason why companies minimize their risks by working with reputable brands. But this step comes with its own share of glitches.

Competencies in a BPO provider that a customer must look for:

Capability amongst providers is not a differentiation factor because technology advanced exponentially and so have provider numbers. Any technology which is absent can be acquired by the provider within a few days and/or weeks. Instead of focusing on capability, competency is actually critical. This area of examination calls for a client to look at the provider’s track record as well as at real people who would be delivering the proposed service.

Hence, clients must ask all the right questions which are beyond the matrix tick-box evaluation model. Especially businesses who are looking forward to outsource services to offshore BPOs, should stick to this step. It is also crucial to ensure that the leadership team of the BPO effectively manages local people so that cultural demands and sensitivities stay balanced.

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