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Phone Answering Services to Ensure Round-the-Clock Support Provision

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Phone Answering

The practice of outsourcing call center services has attracted a host of organizations over the last few years. Lately, more and more multinational corporations and companies have set up their call center establishments to offshore locations. While this unburdens them off of certain tasks that an external vendor can handle, it also saves valuable time and money that an organization can utilize in other important and core business tasks.

Although start-ups try to achieve their tasks in-house in order to save resources, studies have shown that outsourcing certain operations – for instance, phone answering services – can yield better productivity and, at the same time, generate more revenue and profit. Outsourcing is advantageous for organizations.

Outsourcing also helps in risk-sharing, allowing organizations to share part of the accountability with vendors providing phone answering services. Through this practice, organizations can direct their focus and energy into executing more significant business operations, while also assisting in better handling of risk-mitigating factors.

Many organizations use the services of in-house receptionists to tend to customer calls. However, this practice presents a hard-hitting drawback. Like every employee of an organization, the receptionist is also entitled to an individual quota of sick and annual leaves. Moreover, during weekends, public holidays and any time the office is closed, customer support provision will take a backseat, halting conduction of business and revenue generation. By outsourcing phone answering services to an external vendor, an organization can be assured of an uninterrupted flow of business conduction by making use of every second. Round-the-clock and twenty-four-hour service provision also allows customers to call with their queries and complaints regarding the products they have bought as per their convenience.

Watch this video: 6 Ways How Phone Answering Can Boom Your Business

Allowing customers to call as and when they need goes a long way in upping the customer satisfaction levels. An organization’s success is largely dependent on the quality and effectiveness of services provided to the customers. If a customer is not satisfied with the quality of support received, it hampers the overall reputation of the organization in the global commercial arena.

It becomes empirical in situations where the in-house receptionist is not available to deploy reinforcements that allow a continuous flow of business. Organizations have benefited immensely by the advancements made in the field of technology. Vendors specializing in phone answering service provision make use of backup systems, which – in untoward and unfortunate circumstances like power outages or where offices need to be shuttered due to severe weather conditions like snowstorms – make certain that businesses are not hampered.

While several organizations and industries take onboard companies that provide phone answering services, they are largely used by hospital and healthcare providing institutions, for doctors need to be kept updated about emergency situations; contractors and laborers whose job schedules, being subjected to alterations, are erratic and therefore need to be informed about any changes; and call centers to inform and update their customers about the launch/introduction of any new product or service in the market.

A customer calls, as it enters the system, is first screened for the type of service it requires. While the service needed is determined, the customer is provided basic and generic information. The call is then transferred to the particular agent who listens to the query or concern and then offers support that efficiently resolves the complaint.

Phone answering service provision has maintained its reputation as an empirical fixture of the support provision domain, but it has witnessed several modifications with time.

Although a phone answering service is a huge benefit, organizations can be selective about the services they require and pick and choose according to their requirements. This will allow them to save money that can be channeled into financing other business operations. For example, the phone answering service can be deployed afterhours; once the offices have closed for the day, the responsibility of handling customer calls can be transferred to the external vendor. Similarly, phone answering services can be used in situations when the number of calls exceeds a certain number. When the lines get overwhelming for the receptionist, the vendor can take over and execute the needful.

There are predominantly two kinds of phone answering services: live and automated. Automated phone answering services provide basic information to the customer regarding their complaints. While this saves time from transferring the call to a designated agent, it becomes an overhead when the customer is seeking assistance to a specific issue. With live phone answering services, customers are offered support and solutions as per the problems they have encountered with the product.

Through effective phone answering service, an organization can ensure a continuous flow of business operations, which influence customer satisfaction and experience ratings, while also assisting in enhancing business revenue and profit generation; paving the way for the organization to scale its heights of success and glory.

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