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Preventing Fraudulent Activities In A Call Center


Those who claim that call centers are not really focused on security measures, but only wish to attract more and more clients to increase their revenues are guilty of their wishful thinking. As fraudsters are becoming more active, contact centers are increasingly looking out for various ways to safeguard the critical data and information of their clients against any counterfeit attacks.

Cyber attacks take advantage of network vulnerabilities to leverage important information as available on the social networking platforms and manipulate this information for special purposes. A study by Gartner illustrates that nearly 70% of frauds in a call center is perpetrated by the similar factors; therefore tracking and blacklisting these telephone prints can help businesses in stopping these fraudulent attempts.

A fraud exposure directly tarnishes a company`s brand image and significantly affects its balance sheet. In this light, call centers in India are investing a significant amount to protect their mission critical information against any theft.

Let’s understand how a call center can mitigate these risks:

Voice Firewalls: It is similar to data firewalls that monitor accessibility attempts on the database network. The voice firewalls protect and monitor the voice-based network by tracking, blocking, and providing alerts for the individual calls, when a telephone call matches the criterion as specified in the policy. The method helps a third party service provider in effectively identifying and reacting to the theft prone call by spotting calling numbers, call length, call time, and various other aspects. It further stores telecalling data for monitoring inbound & outbound calls in a database. This, in turn, is further used for analysis and reporting by deploying usage manager application.

Knowledge/Security Based Authentication: Many contact centers rely on life history or knowledge based questions to authenticate end-users, before sharing account details or initiating high risk transactions. However, Gartner in its study illustrated that about 25% of the users are unable to correctly respond to authentication questions, while fraudsters respond them by using stolen information.

PINs: The contact centers use PINs to verify users. However, in some cases, these PINs are captured by cyber attackers through phishing activities.

Call Recorder: This method is used for automatically recording individual calls and enables a call center to identify the suspicious calls. Many service providers use multiple applications to correlate the time stamps on the recorded call with telephone data stored and extracted by the voice firewalls to get a clear picture of the telephone caller and ascertain their calling patterns.

The above methods are powerful tools that enable a call center to regularly monitor as well as prevent threat to its voice network. 

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