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Social Media Marketing Transforming Business Landscape


Social media sites are no longer considered as a place where individuals spend time to have fun or voice/express opinion. It is now accessed by most of the enterprises to have serious business.

A report by Social Media Marketing Industry conducted in the year 2014 suggests that approximately 97% of the marketers consider this platform as an important means for conducting business. Nearly 67% marketers rank this arrangement as a vital activity to yield tangible results.

Let’s take a quick glance at how business process outsourcing is using social media platform to bridge the widening gap between client and its customers

Industry experts across the globe regard networking sites as a vital tool to foster user interactions. They believe that it is not a marketing fad that will gradually disappear with time, but an important marketing mix that every corporate needs to incorporate in its marketing DNA.

Websites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. are the popular online platforms, which are frequently visited by the consumers to voice their opinion about various brands. Similarly, organizations are leveraging these sites to receive user feedback and accordingly tailor their offerings in line with their needs and preferences. The forums are considered as an imperative tool for reaching customers and enhancing their experience with the brand. 

Following are the strategies used by the businesses of all shapes and sizes to attain a competitive edge over their counterparts and gain better visibility in the marketplace:

Identifying Prospects: Most of the enterprises develop a comprehensive strategy to leverage social media platforms. This enables them to identify prospect customers and employees. For instance, Linkedin is a hiring platform widely used by call centers for hunting right candidates for businesses. Similarly, Pinterest and YouTube are well-known multimedia sharing websites. Enterprises systematically track widely recognized platforms where its brands are commonly discussed. This establishes their brand name in the marketplace.

Establish 2-way Communication: BPOs using social media channels for disseminating information to consumers are able to institute a two-way conversation between the clients and its users. Such firms create dedicated service pages to attract visitors to their websites and recruit a dedicated team for promptly handling and resolving user queries. This customer-centric approach has a direct impact on the client’s profitability and bottom line performance.  

Measure Performance: It is highly critical for organizations embarking on the social media initiatives to set the right targets to regularly evaluate their performance against the set objectives. Some of the important performance indicators are:

1. Sharing social media user conversations for the brand in comparison with competitors

2. Negative and positive feedback from the customers

3. Monthly additions to the number of followers

4. Average amount of time taken by the companies to respond to customer comments and issues

To conclude, companies incorporate best social media practices to reap maximum benefits from these networking sites. This, in turn, enables them to reduce time for responding customer queries while augmenting their experience.

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