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Social Media Platform: Creating a New Wave in Business Process Outsourcing


As the companies are striving to optimize their business by gaining customer insights, social media strategies are becoming instrumental for their success. Smarter businesses often recuperate demand with the supply by continuously replenishing the information flow on an interconnected planet. Enterprises are increasingly turning to BPOs to enable them to achieve their objectives through economies of scale and labor arbitrage.

Call centers in India are undergoing a remarkable phase. Among the tumultuous economic environment, the ongoing revolutions of mobile and social technology are playing a significant role in driving their growth. Today, organizations are no longer looking for cutting-down their transactional costs; they are demanding solutions that can effectively support their business in addressing multiple challenges. In this light, the social media platform has become a perseverance tool for most of the corporate. The strategy enables them to understand the end user’s inclination and perceptions towards their offerings.

Let’s dig further to understand how social conversations can navigate a business to new heights:

The next generation of BPOs offering inbound call center services via technologies like cloud, social media, and analytics are delivering customer insights and adding new value. The technology is digitalizing businesses and helping them to provide end-to-end solutions. According to a survey conducted by the Social Media Examiner, about 94% of the respondents use social media platforms for marketing reasons, while 83% of the respondents strongly believe that the platform provides impetus to their business.

The 6th generation call center units are employing social media platform for building online learning communities for the following reasons:

Generating Real-Time Response: A managed social media platform can significantly help enterprises in meeting desired customer expectations. Contingent to business complexity, a shared or dedicated team can respond and monitor user response on behalf of its client in real-time. This generates a proportionate level of customer responsiveness on social media channels as compared to the traditional channels like online chat or telephonic conversation.

Tracking Customer Behavior: The platform further enables companies to understand user behavior by tracking the brand mentioned on the online forums. By identifying pivotal issues, a company can devise a strategy based on these insights.

Winning Lifetime Customers: It is always important for the enterprises to retain their existing consumers as they churn out repetitive sales and endorse the brand to new customers. The social platform is an important marketing tool used by the BPO companies to connect with end-users and stay in touch with them. This, in turn, allows the brand to gain more market share.

To conclude, call centers in India are leveraging the growing popularity of social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to generate a generic response from the customers. Companies, accordingly, formulate marketing strategies basis customer response to stay ahead of their competitors.

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