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The Importance of Soft Skills for Call Center Executives and BPO Firms

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi

The quality of interactions experienced by your customers with your customer support executives can have a significant impact on your business. Gone are the days when the product or service of your business was the only criterion for deciding the performance of your organization. Today, customer service has become a key differentiator for businesses. That is why many call center services have adopted it as a key element of their business strategy. Businesses should, therefore, ensure that their customer care executives have all the soft skills that are required to develop enriching conversations with their customers – both existing and prospects.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are basically defined as the personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.  It is directly related to Emotional Intelligence Quotient, which comprises several personality traits that can potentially characterize one’s relationship or bonding with other people.

The way a customer care agent talks with a specific customer, in terms of the tone of voice and clarity in speech, is referred to as “soft skills.

As it comes to business, soft skill is a major component of customer service, and it can have a potential impact on a business firm’s customer acquisition and customer retention rate, further helpful in online reputation management.

As customer service in call center outsourcing has gradually emerged as a significant business aspect, businesses worldwide have started collaborating with specialized call center service providers or international call centers.  In this light, it is the call center ’s responsibility to ensure that their agents have all the soft skills so that the client companies build brand loyalty and procure enhanced reputations.

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Therefore, international call centers must proactively organize regular training sessions for their agents so that their soft skills can be nurtured.

Here are top soft speaking skills that call center agents of international outsourcing companies must possess.

  1. Express empathy
  2. Build rapport
  3. Ability to gain trust
  4. Willingness to help
  5. Excellent problem-solving skills

Also, call centers must try to incorporate these into their training sessions as well along with the latest technological discoveries like chatbot and IoT, which further helps in assessing customer’s requirements.

Express empathy:  Call center executives must express empathy and concern for customers regarding the inconvenient situations they are trapped in.  They must listen to whatever the caller is saying, and must not reciprocate unprofessionally.  Sometimes, customers sound too harsh, and they do not even hesitate to abuse the executives.  In such situations, agents must not take those words personally.  This way, call center executives can express their compassion, and ensure customers that their voices are not ignored, further assuring the significant space in digital belvedere with adequate planning for online reputation management.

Build rapport:  This is an important trait that can enable you to know more about the issues that customers are facing.  By building rapport with customers, executives can easily make customers comfortable, which can further pave the way for enriching conversations.

Ability to gain trust:  This is such a crucial customer service aspect, and call center executives must possess this skill.  Call center executives must be honest with customers and should honor their words.  Call center executives must avoid over-commitment to customers, as this can ruin the relationship between a business firm and its customers.

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Willingness to help:  Call center executives must proactively help customers, and they should express that desire to help as soon as the conversation starts.  A sincere desire to help customers can guarantee you effective communication with customers with alluring inputs of call center executive through manual efforts and technology like a chatbot, touching the zenith of success.

Excellent problem-solving skills:  This is certainly the backbone of any customer service, and this must be paid special attention.  Call center executives must learn how to solve problems efficiently and instantly, and they should possess extensive knowledge and information that can be synthesized to offer an idyllic solution to customers.

The aforementioned skills are the top five soft skills that customer care agents of international call centers must possess in order to help organizations in accomplishing their customer experience objectives and to increase the customer retention rate, reduce customer churn and increase their customer acquisition power. Go4customer has customer care executives trained in these soft skills at our highly developed call center in the US

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