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Third Party Verification: Accuracy, Consistency and Completeness of Data

Posted by Admin

One of the most sought after services call centers deploy is third party verification. In essence, third party verification services are used to check the data provided by the customer for accuracy and consistency – so that it does not violate the intent of use. These services are most commonly made use of when the customer is living at a distance and is seeking permission. Organizations that ask customers to make electronic check payments, in particular, make use of third party verification services. Failing to deploy this particular type of service can become problematic for an organization in the long run, where it may have to expend more time and money if the data collected is not accurate. Moreover, conduction of third party verification services is also required from a legal point of view.

As previously discussed, third party verification services come into use when the customers are living at a distance. The customer data, in these cases, is checked for accuracy. Information such as names, addresses, email identities, etc. is checked to confirm that the transaction has been authorized by the customer. As customer data is susceptible to change (with people either getting married or relocating or in cases of death), it becomes essential that data is maintained efficiently and updated regularly.

Another method deployed to verify data is to check the collected information inputted in the computer against that of the original document. Although this way of checking data eliminates the drawback of inserting each set of information twice, it presents an overhead of its own: anyone who is tasked with checking entries on the printed copy against those on the computer screen will get exhausted by the repeated shifting of focus.

An effective service provision structure goes a long way in influencing the name and reputation of the organization in the commercial sector. An unsatisfied customer can present adverse effects for the organization, as word of mouth is an empirical asset in commerce. Customers need to feel assured that they are being treated properly by the agents and that they are not being compelled to seek services elsewhere. It is important that the experience of a customer is satisfactory. Organizations design services that bring new customers into the business, but one must ensure that the service provision being offered to the existing customers is not compromised. Third-party verification is an important fixture of the overall service provision structure of an organization.

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