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Why Boosting Morale Of Customer Care Agent Is Important

Posted by Rohit Paul

BPO firms usually strive hard to keep the morale of customer care agents high because it is directly linked to a better attitude, improved service delivery capability and increased productivity. Surprisingly, the job of a customer support service agent doesn't only revolve around responding to telephonic queries, but has an extensive role to play by engaging in evaluating multiple spreadsheets in between calls in order to provide customized solutions to customers. This is really stressful for the agent to bring a work-life balance in the midst of maintaining strict quality standards, entertaining massive callers, dealing with irate callers and above all complying with strict deadlines. Also, cost-cutting measures adopted by the current business landscape has drastically subsided agent morale, resulting in reduced productivity and lowered customer service levels.

However, reputed BPO companies sense the significance of agent morale and as a result; these companies adopt several measures to keep their agents happy and motivate them to deliver better customer service. Here are a few initiatives most BPO companies undertake to elevate the morale customer service agents:

Employee Engagement: Customer care executives are real ambassadors of a company and which is why most companies endeavor to keep them informed on their business strategies. This impels customer support executives to realize that their contribution can impact the organization's business and they are a part of a bigger whole.

Open Communication Channel: Create a platform where employees, supervisors and employers should participate in face-to-face conversations every now and then. This, in turn, allows participants to get a feel of employee morale, understand the employer's strategy and resolve administrative issues.

Recognition and Rewards: Companies should reward or appreciate employee achievements from time to time to restore talent and accelerate performance.

Encouraging Innovation: There is a revelation that contact center executives when dealing with customers over the phone use their own intelligence to resolve issues. Such ideas should be appreciated if generating revenues for your business as it is assumed that business ideas usually come from the floor.       

Organize Recreational Activities: Talent hunt, theme parties, team outings and so on can help in team-building and allow customer care representatives to take a break from their usual tasks.  

In fact, a happy customer care agent always commits to serve his/her employer with a sense of ownership. 

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