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Why do Call Centers have high demand in the E-commerce Industry?

Posted by Rahul Garg

In terms of profit, e-commerce companies have left the brick-and-mortar businesses far behind. This is so because most of the people prefer to place an order from their comfort zone. If industry reports are to be believed, the growth of e-commerce businesses would be doubled in the upcoming time.

To experience the true success, brick-and-mortar companies are also trying to enter into the e-commerce industry, which makes the competition spicier. To sustain in the cut-throat competition, it is significant to offer astounding products and services.

As far as support service is concerned, call centers of India, USA, etc. have become the primary choice of e-commerce business owners. This is so because call center service providers in India, USA, etc. help in several ways such as:

  • Prevent unnecessary expenses.
  • Consolidate the customer base.
  • Reduce negative reviews significantly.

By reading the following pointers, you will come to know why call centers are so popular in the e-commerce industry. So, let’s get started:

1.    High-quality live chat support service

In this e-commerce world, where every product is purchased and sold on the web, where billions of customers are online and where thousands of companies are competing against each other, it becomes quite essential to bring something to your own business that would make it stand out. One such blessing for e-commerce companies is live chat support service.

Live chat support agents offer your website visitors the instantaneous assistance they require. Imagine a visitor facing difficulty in exploring your products or facing an issue in the payment page and because of which he/she leaves your website and go to the competition. Offering the at-the-moment help raises the brand image of your company.

So, live chat support outsourcing is a smart business decision that every e-commerce company owner should be taking. In-house live chat support is not easy to handle as it demands a good amount of capital, time, and efforts.

There are quite a few call center providers in India, USA, etc that are providing customized live chat support services to businesses of all sizes and industries.  

For rendering high-quality live chat support service, call centers often implement these measures:

  • Try to reduce the response time.
  • Provide personalized solutions.
  • Send the chat transcript so as to wipe out the chances of misunderstanding.

2.    Increase positive word-of-mouth publicity

Usually, e-commerce companies have more millennial customers as compared to ‘Generation X.’. From the business’s point of view, customers of all ages are important. Alongside the live chat, other support mediums like telephone, email, etc. get preference from customers.

To build business credibility, it is prominent to make certain that customers get the same level of resolution on all the support channels. Here, approaching BPO outsourcing companies seems like the best option because they strive to maintain high consistency across all the customer service mediums.

When customers get stupendous solutions on all the support channels, they are more likely to share their pleasant experience with other people, which as a result, leads to positive word-of-mouth publicity.

3.    Help to get customer feedback

To improve the growth of the business, it is paramount to not repeat the same mistakes again. In addition, you can keep the customers’ trust and loyalty as long as you are willing to deliver the best.

Do you know who can help to find out the ambiguities of products? ‘End users.’ That’s why companies often request customers to give feedback. But collecting customer feedback on a regular basis could consume a lot of time, which indirectly affects business productivity.

Here, call center providers in India, USA, etc. come to rescue as they know how to get feedback from maximum customers. After collecting feedback from customers, call centers make the list of pros & cons (related to the quality of products) and hand it over to the clients. Needless to say, when you know customers’ expectations, it would be very easy to come up with prodigious products.

4.    Prevent the hassle of high cart abandonment rate        

For any e-commerce company, nothing is more frustrating than witnessing a high cart abandonment rate. This is so because the business will never grow if customers stop buying products.

Generally, customers add products to the cart, but they don’t place an order because of the product-related queries. Consequently, this makes a negative impact on business growth.

In order to clear product-related doubts, customers make contact with the company, however, when the desired support service doesn’t get provided then they don’t proceed to checkout.

To make sure that customers’ queries get solved to perfection, business owners often approach reputed call centers of USA, UK, etc.

Are you wondering how call centers put the brakes on the increasing cart abandonment rate?

The two major reasons behind that are:

  • A team of diligent customer service reps.
  • Leading-edge technology.

Final few words:

Nowadays, it is vital for companies to take care of customers’ needs as that’s the most effective way to achieve business objectives. Owing to this, most of the organizations contact reputed call centers because the latter have been rendering phenomenal customer service for many years. 

If you have enjoyed the aforementioned points, leave your valuable comments to let us know.


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