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Why Fat Cats of business world utilize Social Media for Customer Service?

Posted by Shashvat
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“Transparency may be the most disruptive and far-reaching innovation to come out of social media.” – Paul Gillin

Technological innovation and the latest advancements have really transformed the way business used to be done. The business world is witnessing a rapid disruption that is compelling the companies (from big to small) to change their operations models.

Customers are in power. They expecting nothing less than a superior service experience. Business owners understand this and are trying their best to leave no stone unturned. But why is this disruption happening? It’s because the technology climate is changing and platforms such as social media have emerged.

Social media, a platform that was first invented to ease communication globally has become much more than just connecting friends and people. The presence of billions of people has attracted the businesses to target their audience out of a lot of prospects present on these daises.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc are becoming the popular lead generating machines for businesses. Not only for lead generation but to address and resolve customer queries is another aspect that is covered by the social media channels.

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Every big or small company is now tapping social media to offer an unparalleled service experience to its customers. Outsourcing companies are not far behind. Several Indian call centers are now incorporating social media tapping into their service offerings.

Through this blog, I am going to exhibit how the top of fortune 500 companies are utilizing social media channels to provide an exceptional level of customer support. Let’s take a look:


The 1971 born American coffee brand, Starbucks, is one of the finest examples of customer-centric companies. Most of the people recognize Starbucks because of the unique but charming way of treating customers.

Apart from the brick & mortar stores, Starbucks takes special care of its customers on other communication channels such as social media. Their overall score for social media usage is 88.2.

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Although Starbucks is a well-known brand and also comes in the list of Fortune 500 companies, still, this organization never overlooked the power of social media.

Leading from the front, Starbucks has a staggering 33 million subscription on Facebook with a score of 39.7 being highest for any dais. The other channel that is covered by Starbucks is YouTube with a social media point of 26.1. On Instagram, Starbucks has 1+ million followers.

Starbucks understands that there will be lapses in the service here and there. What’s important is to address customer issues in a jiffy. When customers are treated specially and promptly, your brand value increases phenomenally.


Another American firm, Coca-Cola is perhaps one of the most well-known companies in the entire world. Not only this brand is able to penetrate the interior of the most diverse and tough market like India, but also able to make a special place in the mind & heart of the customers.

Talking about the utilization of social media for customer support, Coca-Cola has a social media usage score of 88.1.

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Again, like Starbucks, Coca-Cola has also encapsulated each of the social media platforms available with full flow. With 58 million followers on Facebook, the social media usage point for this beverage brand is 43.1. Also, the second most engaging platform for Coca-Cola is YouTube (every now and then we see some amazing Coca-Cola advertisements getting viral).

These examples clearly show why America, Chinese or Indian call centers are getting so much preference now and why call center services are becoming a necessity for businesses across the globe.

Walt Disney

A pioneer in filmmaking and cartoon development, Walt Disney is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment company catering to the audiences since 1923. This company needs no introduction.

What makes this renowned brand a step ahead of its competitors is the presence it has been able to sustain on the social media channels. With an overall score of 82.1 in social media usage, Walt Disney makes sure to reach its audience through almost every social media dais that is available today.

The highest engagement rate for Walt Disney comes from Facebook with 41 million people connected with this eminent company. The second-highest score of social media usage 26.1 comes from YouTube.


Another American MNC and technology enterprise, Intel is the world’s second largest and second highest valued semiconductor chip makers.

Being a highly technology-centric business, Intel always makes sure to reach its customers on time and on every possible channel that exists.

Following the customer-driven approach, Intel scores 81.8 when it comes to utilizing social media channels. With 16 million followers on Facebook, Intel holds a usage score of 37.3.


The world leader in sports gear, accessories, apparels, etc, Nike is an American MNC that looks to stand out of the competition by handling customers with extreme care and precision.

This company is able to reach 11 million people on Facebook, 0.8 million people on Twitter, and 0.8 million people on Instagram.

It means Nike is utilizing each of the social media channels with the same focus.

Final Takeaway

Customer support service is the ultimate deciding factor for the companies that are trying to make an impression in the market. But, it is also a crucial aspect for the companies that hold an apex position in the market.

The focus on social media for customer support has become more concentrated since these big corporations come into play. This is why a lot of Indian call centers are now starting to shift their bottom line from offering prompt resolutions to offer stupendous customer experience.


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