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4 Ways to Create a Better Caller Atmosphere Using Call Patching Practices

Posted by Shiva Gaur

Call center activities are difficult and a bit challenging. The entire working schedule of the agents is packed up with customer calls. The agents need to talk to the customers either to resolve their queries or to brief them about the products or services they offer. However, there are certainly other things that a call center company needs to keep in mind to ensure better growth and development of their company. Creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere for the customers is extremely important for the call center companies. The company must focus on giving the better atmosphere to the customer during calls which can be done by training your call center agents in such a way that they are able to provide that best services and at the same time can convince customers through their excellent communication skills.

The agents must be given proper technology-related training in which they get to learn about the call transfer, emergency calls, and re-routing the calls. In this post, we list four ways to create a better caller atmosphere using call patching practices. Call patching is a flexible tool that is able to make out the solution to both the problems in the meantime. Take a look.

  1. Gives Priority to Certain Calls

If you’re running a business and at the same time availing services from call centers in India, it’s important for you to discuss your priorities with the call center company. Tell them about your target audience and the type of customers who are important for you. Once your call center company knows about your target clients or customers, it will be easier for them to reach and brief them about your services. In addition, most call centers use the call patching services to give a human touch to the conversation being done with the customer. All you need to do is inform your call center company about who needs to be patched straight to your phone and the type of call needed to be transferred to your voicemails.

  1. Helps to Make your Company Look Bigger

Whether you’re running a small business of around 100-200 people or you’re just a one-man army, by using call patching services you can easily make your organization look bigger. With the help of a virtual receptionist who warmly welcomes the customers, connects and introduces them to you while patching the calls sounds highly professional and attractive to the customers. Call patching is just a small investment that can leave a great positive impact on your customers as well as clients.

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  1. Reroute Emergency Calls

One of the great benefits of using call patching technique in a call center is that you can attend calls from anywhere anytime. Whether you’re at your home or traveling to any other country or city, you can connect with the customer or client calls through call patching techniques used in call centers. All you need to do is tell your BPO services about the type and specific calls that you need to attend during such times. For instance, if you think there is some sort of a call that is important for your business or a particular client which needs to be attended, intimate your call center service provider so that they can take care of the same.

  1. Increases your Personal Security

Another best thing to make a better environment for the callers via call patching technique is that it increases your personal safety. If you think there are certain companies, agencies or troublesome callers that are unnecessary calling you regarding businesses or you are not interested in their proposals, tell your call center company to avoid patching such calls. Another way is to give them the list of certain callers or companies with whom you don’t feel like having a conversation.  This way your call center company knows which call needs to be connected or patched directly to you. It helps in reducing the frustrations.

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The Final Thought

There are several call centers in India that are using such call patching practices to make their client’s business more effective, efficient and reliable. These types of practices in call center services reduce the burden of attending the unwanted calls from the callers and at the same time, you can focus on potential clients that come close to you. In addition, you’re able to make healthy customer relationships and develop a better caller atmosphere.

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