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Don’t Let the Fast-Paced Work Environment Frustrate Your Customer Care Executives

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi

Handling plenty of calls, that too from various sorts of customers (happy, annoyed, delighted, and so on) while making use of various complex customer service tools and being leashed to a computer system is certainly not a very pleasing job profile. However, that’s exactly what customer care executives have to do on a daily basis in an extremely fast-paced work environment. All these, in conjunction with meager pay package, can certainly play quite an influential role in not only hampering the performance and efficiency of each customer care executive but can even potentially frustrate them to an extent. Quite alarming, isn’t it?

Several studies reveal an astonishing fact – one frustrated customer care executives can create thousands of frustrated customers!

This is certainly something that every forward-looking organization would try to distance themselves from. In fact, that is the prime reason that compels enterprises to acquire customer-focused call center solutions from outside experts. These organizations certainly know the supreme importance of delivering great customer support service, and as they know that they do not have that level of customer service expertise, they willingly rope in outside call center experts which can be quite helpful in this regard. It is so true that expert call center service providers can help clients manage and monitor a wide range of customer service functions comprehensively.

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However, it is so unfortunate that most call centers are a bit casual towards ensuring an enriching work environment. This impacts the mood, efficiency, and performance of all the employees, and that’s where things get worse. If a call center aims to help clients leverage all the benefits of customer service outsourcing, then it has to pragmatically take all the steps towards ensuring an enriching, friendly work environment for all the customer care executives.  Elaborated below are four ways in which call centers can accomplish this strategic goal.

Pay attention to metrics that drive employee experience:  Call centers should be quite careful about employee experience as this is an effective way that can help them maintain a productive workforce and ensure a friendly work environment.  It is high time that to pay attention to such metrics and consider the quality of call center solutions and customer satisfaction scores, besides focusing on productivity metrics only, such as average call handling time, FCR rates, the number of calls answered, and so on.  By paying attention to the metrics that drive employee experience, call centers can easily maintain a friendly work environment.

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Empower your customer service agents to foster loyalty:  It is so true that each call center service provider has a pool of skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, and expert professionals.  You must know that these professionals are the ones who interact with your customers, and therefore, they have enriching customer service acumen.  If these customer service experts would be empowered, then they can do wonders for solution providers.  Therefore, call center experts must empower their professionals and seek their valuable suggestions so as to streamline their customer service framework adeptly.  Importantly, it is a value-centric employee engagement approach that fosters loyalty.

Perpetuate the culture of employee motivation:  Employee motivation is a crucial aspect that can help call centers maintain a productive and efficient workforce. Therefore, they must try to perpetuate this culture, and they should start rewarding call center executives as often as possible. If your call center executives would be motivated timely, then they would leave no stone unturned to ensure top-tier call center solutions.  On the flip side, if they would not be motivated timely, then it might hamper their mood, efficiency, and performance. More importantly, call centers should also ensure promising growth opportunities so as to maintain a more productive work environment.

Evaluate their performance comprehensively:  Believe it or not, nothing can be more frustrating for call center executives when their performance is not evaluated fairly or when their hard efforts are overlooked.  Therefore, call centers must evaluate the performance of all the agents comprehensively.  Herein, it is important to ensure that due attention is given to all the productivity and quality metrics, and it should be ensured that the performance evaluation scheme pays attention to quality, standard, and efficiency solutions that are delivered to customers. Once the performance of customer care experts are evaluated comprehensively, it will help call centers maintain a friendly work environment.

In a few words: By paying attention to these four strategic actions, call centers can easily help agents deliver best-in-class call center solutions in the fast-paced work environment

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