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How Can Outsourcing Call Center in India be an Ideal Way to Grow Your Organization?

Posted by Akash Jaiswal
How Can Outsourcing Call Center in India be an Ideal Way to Grow Your Organization

A call center in India is the best way to lead your organization toward growth.

Yes, you heard right! But, why?

I think everyone is much familiar with the current phase of the business market worldwide. Agree? We all know, these days to be at the top in the market is a hassle and can be difficult for various companies.

This is because today the business market become very competitive. And, also there are various small and medium businesses (SMBs) that provide call center services. And, also they are the first face and voice of every organization.

So, in that case, acquiring a trustable call center can be a hassle for the organizations. This is because a call center plays a vital role in the growth of companies' revenue and sales.

In this day, various multinational or international companies prefer to outsource their call center to India. Because there are various benefits that India provides. Additionally, India offers the best customer service at a minimum labor cost which can be difficult for other countries.

Around 80% of European and US organizations prefer to outsource their call center in India, as per a recent survey.

Well, in this blog we are going to discuss various things that you need to know about a call center in India. But before going deeper let's discuss call center outsourcing and how it works. So, let’s get started!

What is the Call Center Outsourcing?

To be easy words, call center outsourcing refers to contacting a team of agents who work outside of your organization.

Call center outsourcing frees up your staff to perform the services that your firm excels at. And, also allows you to prioritize what's important. Meanwhile, the remainder will be handled by a competent and professional contact center team.

Additionally, by improving your company's functionality in important areas, call center outsourcing may improve the client experience.

Customer service, help desk assistance, technical support, human resources, marketing, talent acquisition, finance (customer billing/AR/procurement), appointment setting, and telemarketing are all examples of call center services provided as part of business process outsourcing (BPO).

An outsourced contact or call center may help your company save money and improve service quality in any situation.

Choosing a capable call center service provider to manage your call center solutions will make managing inbound client interactions as well as outgoing interactions like sales and services much easier.

Types of Call Center Outsourcing:

Well, here we categorized call center outsourcing into three different types which completely depend on the country in which the third-party business is based:

1. Nearshore Outsourcing:

Nearshore outsourcing occurs when the hired business is located in a neighboring country.

2. Offshore Outsourcing:

Offshore outsourcing occurs when the contracted company is situated in a different country.

3. Domestic Outsourcing:

When the hired firm is located in the same country as the employee, it is referred to as domestic outsourcing.

How Does Call Center Outsourcing Work?

Call center outsourcing plays a vital role in the minimization of the service cost of your organization. Besides, it also helps to maximize profits by providing and maintaining the customer experience.

Industry competitiveness is rising to pose new security, market, and compliance issues because of technological advancement. A realistic attitude is necessary to avoid losing clients' trust. Expansion into new and less understood regions to increase the company footprint can also be challenging unless a considerable quantity of money is spent.

But don't be concerned! From project conception and planning through project execution and timely completion, call center outsourcing services may assist you with everything. As a consequence, it is vital to have answers to the following questions before choosing a partner for your outbound call center outsourcing needs:

  • What are the track records of your service provider?
  • How do your partners experience with outsourcing industry?
  • Are call center services flexible and scalable?
  • How does the service provider fulfill your all requirements?
  • What are the key gains of outsourcing call center services?
  • How can outsourcing call center service providers fulfill your monthly and yearly goals with clean timelines?

What are the Key Gains of Call Center Outsourcing?

Well, here we summarized a list of a few key gains of call center outsourcing. They are mentioned below. So, let’s come to the points directly:

1. Cost-Effective:

When we outsource the call center operation to a trustable third-party vendor then it provides high-quality customer service and enhances your brand and service capabilities as well. Simultaneously, it reduces the costs as well.

In-house teams can considerably contribute to your company's administrative expenditures due to the additional fees involved in hiring agents, procuring office space, and paying the required employee salaries with benefits.

Offshore contact centers might help you save costs and free up capital for other projects.

2. Enhanced Speed to Response and Handle Time:

Call center outsourcing services will never match the productivity of an in-house contact center. Top call center outsourcing companies will have vast talent pools of competent employees ready to respond to client inquiries more quickly on average.

Whether you are looking for agents to help with tech support or respond to social media inquiries, transferring these services to a more experienced staff may improve engagement efficiency and increase the possibility of client retention.

3. Ease of Monitoring and Analyzing:

Every contact center must monitor call quality and collect data.

If you have outsourced agents, real-time metrics and call analytics are essential for keeping tabs on how they're performing and how you can help them.

4. High-Quality Service:

The topmost benefit of outsourcing your contact centers to a professional third party is that you get a competent team with the best and most specialized skills to help your customers.

If your in-house team lacks the expertise to provide this degree of specialist support, outsourcing can provide these resources at a moment's notice.

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Why India is the Prefered Hotspot While Outsourcing Call Centers?

Global enterprises must consider outsourcing to be competitive and deliver quality services/products at a fair price to their clients when local expenditures grow. Global firms are progressively outsourcing their call center operations to an Indian call center due to current market conditions.

But what are the key reasons behind this? And why do companies prefer India for customer service outsourcing over other countries? Well, here we summarized the topmost reasons why companies choose India as the location for their call center operations. So, have a look at them!

1. Huge Educated Workforce:

In India, call centers have a huge educated workforce that includes qualified, trained, IT literate, skilled, and experienced professionals. After the USA, India has the largest English-speaking population. And, this largest and most well-educated workforce is the topmost advantage of India over other countries.

Additionally, India will be the same to have a huge and well-educated workforce. This is because India has an ever-increasing number of college graduates and also a huge number of training industries.

Also, in India, there are a huge number of workforce who are ready to work at a minimum price. Manpower generally contributes 55% to 60% of the entire cost of a call center business. Manpower is accessible in India at a fraction of the cost it is elsewhere.

2. Minimize Overall Costs:

Overhead expenses, as you are probably aware, have the ability to bankrupt a corporation. With costs rising, businesses think that outsourcing to an Indian call center is the best way to save costs while keeping the high level of service that their customers want.

3. Enhanced Revenue and Profits:

If you own a business, you know how important profits are to your company's success. Outsourcing helps you to maximize your return on investment while maintaining high levels of quality and customer satisfaction. Outsourcing call center services to an Indian call center results in cheaper costs and larger profit margins for companies.

4. Less Managerial Stresses:

Many global firms excel at providing service. They devote all of their attention to offering high-quality services or commodities, leaving little time for call center operations. Furthermore, hiring, training, and maintaining a call center executive team in-house is difficult. On the other hand, outsourcing call center services to an Indian call center is a fantastic way for a company to reduce management problems.

5. Streamlined Business Processes:

By outsourcing call center operations to an Indian call center, a company may focus solely on innovation and commercial success. Internal corporate resources will be freed up to focus on critical business tasks. All of this will lead to more efficient business procedures, which will lead to increased output and profit.

6. Enhanced Client Satisfaction:

Indian call centers excel at customer care. And, also they may boost client retention and brand loyalty almost instantly. Outsourcing customer support to an Indian call center is also an excellent way for a company to satisfy its customers by responding to their concerns quickly.

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Wrap Up:

In this era, call center outsourcing is on the boom. Why? This is because managing an in-house call center is a hassle for various companies these days. This is because setting up an in-house call center requires huge investments, hiring process, training, and also lots of time.

As a result, the company cannot focus on either customer service or other essential tasks. Therefore, outsourcing the call center to a trustable third-party vendor is an ideal solution and affordable as well.

Today, almost every multinational or international company prefers to outsource their call center to India. This is because India has a huge well-educated workforce. Additionally, India offers a high-quality customer experience and it is cost-effective as well which leads your organization toward growth.

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