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How Do International Businesses Leverages Call Centers in India?

Posted by Akash Jaiswal
How Do International Businesses Leverages Call Centers in India

At this age, call centers in India are on-demand worldwide. What? How? Why?

Yes, you heard correctly!

This is because India has the highest educated workforce around the globe. Additionally, outsourcing call centers in India are cost-effective.

These are the two primary reasons why almost every European and U.S. company wants to outsource their call center to India only.

I think everyone is well known in today’s competitive market. Agree? And still, there are several companies that do their startups and also some of them don't have enough resources so they can beat this competition. Or, you can say that it is difficult for few companies to be at the top in the market.

So, do you belong to them? If yes, then now you don't need to worry about the growth of your organization. Hence, call centers in India are the best way to lead your organization towards growth as well as to be at the top globally.

According to research, around more than one-third part of European and U.S. companies prefer to outsource call centers to India. This is because they get several leverages. Furthermore, when it comes to delivering better customer support, collections, and telemarketing requirements, a call center in India is the preferred choice of most international or multinational companies.

So, let’s discuss briefly, how call centers in India are on the boom, what are the reasons and why India is the preferred hotspot for outsourcing call centers? But, before all of these things let’s discuss some basic points. So, let’s get started!

What is Call Center?

A call center refers to a centralized department that handles inbound and outbound calls from the potential and new customers on the behalf of an organization. Additionally, it could be located in the same organization as well as outsourced to another company that has a specialization in managing calls.

What Do You Understand by The Term Call Center Outsourcing?

Outsourcing call center allows companies to spend their time and resources on the essential aspects of their business, such as product development, content creation, and sales. Rather than expanding on the customer service workforce, companies may hire an outside company to oversee a certain corporate function, such as existing or small business clients.

Furthermore, outsourced call centers have the ability to completely take over a company's call center. This means that instead of outsourcing just one or two components of the call center's operations, the company is outsourcing all of them.

Call center outsourcing is when a firm hires an outside customer care organization to staff and manage its contact center from a separate location. In this example, the customer service department hires and trains employees to handle all of the company's client contacts.

What Services Are Offered by Call Centers in India?

Well, there is a various number of service that is offered by the call centers in India. Some of them are the following. So, let’s have a look at them!

1. Inbound Services:

Inbound call center services refer to answering consumer queries about the product or services to resolve any difficulties they may have with the services.

The following are some of the inbound support services:

  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Resolving customer service issues
  • Maintaining the brand's image

2. Outbound Services:

Outbound call center services refer to calling a company's current or potential customers. Typically, these calls are intended to create sales, sell subscriptions, or retain clients.

The following are some of the outbound support services:

3. Telemarketing Services:

Telemarketing call center services are the best way for the marketing and selling of products by contacting potential customers and informing them about the features and leverages of your products and services.

The following are some of the telemarketing services:

  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Customer retention
  • B2B telemarketing
  • B2C telemarketing

4. Technical Support Services:

Technical support services are referred to the IT helpdesk for the customers. Additionally, it plays a vital role in solving customer technical queries and issues regarding the products and services. As we know, the use of technology is increasing day by day globally. Agree? So, in that case, this customer support is the key to keeping your customers satisfied and retained.

The following are some of the technical support services:

  • Technical support of hardware products
  • Technical support of operating services
  • Technical support of emails
  • Technical support of portable devices

What are the Leverages of Outsourcing Call Centers in India?

Well, there are multiple leverages of outsourcing call centers in India. Some of them are the following. So, let’s examine them!

1. Running an internal call center is more expensive.

Internal call centers need a large number of people. Large call centers have a 44% turnover rate, which necessitates constant agent recruitment, hiring, and training. Computers, workstations, the internet, cutting-edge equipment, and software are all part of the facility and infrastructure expenditures. In exchange for a contract fee that is usually less than the cost of setting up the entire system internally, an outsourced call center absorbs these costs.

2. Outsourcing contact centers allow for greater flexibility and scalability.

As call volumes and customer expectations climb, call centers are getting increasingly congested. A third-party call center has the capabilities and resources to meet your rapidly changing needs, such as 24-hour service, after-hours help, or more agents during peak periods.

3. Get the most up-to-date tools, data, analytics, and technology available.

Artificial intelligence is being pursued by 56% of call centers, process automation is pursued by 33 percent and video chat is used by 31%. For data collection and analysis, quality assurance, customer care, and omnichannel customer support, outsourced contact centers invest in a range of technologies and tools. They do so in order to meet the different needs of their customers. These tools are usually too pricey for a small business.

4. Customer experiences have improved.

Agents that are entirely focused on answering calls deliver better service. In-house call center agents, on the other hand, are usually expected to do a variety of jobs. Outsourced contact centers, on the other hand, are dedicated to their work and employ educated employees to handle any circumstance. Their knowledge and skills enable them to provide excellent customer service in the contact center sector.

5. Contact centers run by third parties are more specialized and employ more knowledgeable employees.

Running a successful call center demands particular experience and talents in order to take care of your customers. A call center outsourcing company will offer valuable advice and tried-and-true strategies based on years of experience. Outsourced call centers may also offer extras like multilingual assistance, which might be beneficial.

6. Quality assurance and monitoring have been improved.

Third-party call centers have the resources, processes, and employees in place to record and analyze all calls, as well as make any necessary adjustments. Their daily, weekly, and monthly reports are generally sufficient to ensure quality at all stages.

How to Choose the Best Call Center in India for Your Business?

According to the experts, here are a few things that you need to consider and ask while contracting a third-party vendor to handle their customer support.

There are several companies that are outsourcing their customer support to third-party service providers. But still, before hiring someone else to handle your customer support, you need to consider the following 8 tips that help to choose a better call center in India for your business. So, let’s have a look at them!

1. Initially, before you start interviewing contact centers, you should have a good sense of what you want or what you need.

2. Get several references and also contact other clients.

3. Verify that they are the correct people and resources to manage your customer support and services.

4. You should ensure that the contact center data can combine with your CRM solution.

5. Additionally, keep social media integration in mind as well. Don't forget about it.

6. Also, you should be strategic about location.

7. All the policies, procedures as well as security, and privacy measure should be discussed.

8. You should know what and how you will be charged.

Bottom Line:

At this age, managing an in-house call center is a difficult task for various organizations. This is because it requires lots of time, and money as well as hiring and training processes. Therefore, many international or multinational organizations want to outsource their call centers in India to a third-party service provider. This is because India has a huge educated workforce that provides better customer service at an affordable cost.

Additionally, India provides instant response to the customer solution within zero waiting time improves the customer trust and legacy towards your organization. And also, these all things lead your organization towards growth.

Apart from all these things, it is also important to choose the best customer service provider and for that thing, you need to consider the following tips that are mentioned above.

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