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Provisions of a productive Call Center Service

Posted by Kajal Sharma

When you start a business venture, there are many ground rules and key reminders that you need to emphasize. In fact, it is not a cakewalk to indulge and perform extraordinarily in trade activities. You should have ample cognizance to run an organization before you invest in it. Sometimes, we decide to undertake a huge responsibility without acknowledging the pre-requisites and tasks involved. We hear the name, like it and without thinking, plunge into it. But, this is not the correct way to achieve success in a field where even the tycoons take decades to make a mark. For instance, the call center service consists of a wide range of operations and facilities that many of us don’t understand. For such a comprehensive maneuver, appropriate awareness and approach should be adopted so that the results turn out to be favorable.

To see through the multifarious roles that a call center plays, let us discuss its different sections and operations separately-

Outbound call center service

This is the part of a contact center, where the communication is initiated from the office premise. The agents make calls to the leads and pitch them with the help of a predefined sales script. The following services are rendered under this category:

1. Lead generation

The foremost step in building the organization is to grab the attention of prospects. Through effective tactics, the call center agents attract the consumers and convince them to buy the brand products. This procedure of customer acquisition is known as lead generation.

2. Fixing appointments

In case the interaction between the purchaser and the seller is interrupted during the call, there is an option of organizing personal meetings. The operators schedule an appointment for the user based on the time and location feasibility of both the parties.

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3. Information Validation

The reliability of the data source and the statistics included in an exchangeable file is substantiated before transferring. This function is performed by making calls to the concerned entities and confirming the details.

4. Telemarketing

This direct sales approach is used to hit the desired targets by pitching the maximum number of clients and discussing the particulars of a deal on the call. Also known as telesales, this is a promotional technique to spread the word of mouth about the company’s services.

5. Third-party verification

In this call center solution, outside support vendors extend a hand of help to reduce the burden of in-house agents. The third-party verifiers ensure the feeding of authentic information in the database. The third-party experts also check the background of employees before they are hired. 

6. Cross-selling and up-selling

This is a masterstroke to increase profit by selling complementary products along with the primary commodities. The purchasers are offered to buy articles that can improve the usage of an already bought product.

Inbound call center service

Now, the second section is that of a center which strictly revolves around responding to the incoming calls. The customers can reach out to the company representatives by dialing a toll-free number through these services. It includes:

1. Helpdesk services

It is a single point of contact between the end-users and the customers. The server, ITES, and network related issues are resolved by this call center facility.

2. Product information

The all-inclusive information about the brand and its commodities are provided to the customers through this option. The various specifications of products are explained to the callers.

3. Inquiry handling

The different kinds of questions that arise in a consumer’s mind are answered by the inbound call center specialists. These agents are trained to resolve issues quickly and completely.

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4. Technical support

The core issues, both software and hardware, i.e. system-related problems such as installation, troubleshooting, malfunctioning and bug-tracking are administered by this team.

5. Web-enabled services

The third classification is that of the services operated through the web. This kind of facilities includes the following operations:

6. Order processing

The initial stage of SCM, i.e. order taking, requires focus and proper management. So, to take care of the functions such as registration of customer details and providing applicable offers, the web is accessed and the procedure is simplified.

7. Billing and audit maintenance

The transaction slips and records of invoices are maintained in the database and can be checked online anytime. This service avoids payment-related confusion.

8. Email campaigns

When the making and receiving of calls are not enough, the call center operators communicate with the customers through emails and exchange the necessary details online.

9. Chat support service

The live chat support service is a high-tech web-based approach to maintain an interactive platform for the customers in the absence of telephonic communication.

BPO services

The Business Process Outsourcing is by far the finest technique to save money and resources of an organization. Hiring external agents to perform administrative tasks involves the below-mentioned services:

  • Market research
  • Product promotion
  • Debt collection

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