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What can an Outbound Call Center do for your business?

Posted by Shashvat
outbound calling

Is your business in dire need of outbound services and you are looking for factors that can help you in making the right decision? Well, you landed on the perfect blog. Call center services are offered in diverse ways and the two main segmentation of BPO services are outbound and inbound. If we talk about technology and infrastructure, the two categories have quite a lot of common, but when it comes to putting an impact on business, these two are as different as day and night.

It is obvious that you already have a sales workforce assigned. So, what difference does outbound call center offers to your business? Here is the explanation of what impact outbound services have on your business. Let’s start:

The formation

Call center solutions are abundantly availed by businesses all across the world. Out of these outbound call center services are highly praised and are in demand. One of the most prominent functions of an outbound team is to assign agents that do cold calling to your prospects with an aim to generate interest in the product/service. This is done to ensure a successful transformation of warm or hot leads over to the sales workforce. In most of the cases, an outbound call expert handles the commencement stage of the sales cycle.

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Different tasks that an outbound agent manages are:

  • Appointing a meeting for your sales team to introduce a product/service to your prospects.
  • Persuading the prospects to acquire product details using email along with a telephone call from your sales rep.
  • Attaining responses to market survey questions related to customer’s behavior for next year.
  • Track the level of product quality and customer experience of competitors
  • Persuade the customer to be directed to a sales rep, product expert or a customer service agent.

The majority of outbound practices focus on informing prospects about something new such as a product, solution or a promotional offer. Generally, the agents also incorporate a time-frame that is crafted to draw desperation from the customers’ end.


The significant merit of outbound call centers is that they are entirely fixated on cold calling, which is not so much preferred by the sales agent. Your sales workforce is best used when it is provided with qualified leads who have shown interest in your offerings. This makes your sales team more efficient as it is already ready for more in-depth communication with professionals possessing product expertise.  So, an outbound service provider helps your sales team to perform better as it does not have to worry about extracting potential leads.

Success aspects

Deciding the role of outbound call center experts is really important as it decides the ultimate success of the overall campaign. When the agents are sure about their role, they feel much confident and become more focused on attaining the defined objective. For example, a diverse role of agents could be to implement the ‘win-back’ initiative. This program includes cold calling existing customers who have not availed your offerings in the last 12 months or so. Since the customers are already familiar with the business and know who you are, agents can specifically focus on winning back them by using some impressive sales tactics in the interaction. Having a specific skill set is quite critical for outbound agents. The agents are known to have amazing listening skills with solid empathetic attributes. This is why these outbound agents can interpret what sort of person they have called and deviate their conversation in a way to persuade the prospect to make a sales decision. Another important aspect for outbound agents to ensure a successful outbound campaign is possessing flexibility. No outbound agents get discouraged by a ‘no’ and thus they keep on getting stronger and more skillful with each call.

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Preparing before

The training of outbound call center agents involves teaching them to get ready prior to a customer interaction by penning down a script or pitch so as to make the initial conversation of the cold call less weird and more comfortable. This pitch includes question-answer documents that help an agent to communicate with customers with precision and without any hassle.

These agents are also trained via mock cold calling in training in order to showcase the impactful interaction and its effectiveness. Along with this, outbound agents get their particular objectives such as a specific number of sales calls & appointments.  


Generally speaking, a competent call center ensures to charge businesses on a per-hour rate although it may not be the case with every company. With advanced technology and tools that can store everything from timing to performance of agents, an outbound call center can easily generate the price for each client. Also, there are few call center solutions providers that believe in charging customers with a pay-per-performance model.

The overall gist is hence that an outbound call center can really turn your business to attain success and repute in the market.

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