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Telemarketing Cycle: Ten Steps to Comprehensive Success!

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
outbound calling

An efficiently-strategized telemarketing campaign can help you solicit prospective customers, expand the customer base, and maximize your revenue generation capability manifold. More importantly, telemarketing can help you create inspiring brand awareness in target markets, and therefore, it becomes crucial for all blue-chip companies to formulate as efficient telemarketing strategies as possible. However, in order to leverage all these compelling strategic benefits, you must ensure that your telemarketing cycle follows the ten steps mentioned below articulately.

1. Understand your product first: Various businesses nowadays have this misconception that they know each and everything about their offerings. Simply put, they are wrong; don’t follow them!   If you are eager to leverage the benefits of outbound calling for marketing purposes, then you should, first of all, understand what your product is. Once it is done, you get a clear understanding of what are your unique selling points.

2. Pay attention to market intelligence:  Believe it or not, once you start paying attention to market intelligence, you would be in a better position to analyze various crucial market data and make well-informed decisions. Importantly, it will help you identify each opportunity in target markets and determine the most result-oriented marketing strategy.

3. Classify sales-specific and revenue-driven objectives:  It is so immature to consider sales-specific objectives and revenue-driven objectives one and the same thing. Those are two different aspects, and each one of them deserves due attention and utmost care. Therefore, you must classify sales-specific and revenue-driven objectives. Importantly, you need to specify the same to your strategic telemarketing call center partner.

4. Identify target customers and markets:  One thing that businesses need to be quite clear about is their target customer or target market. You just cannot afford to promote each one of your offerings among customers of all age groups, all socioeconomic backgrounds, or all the genders for that matter!  By doing so, you would just be wasting your time and effort. Therefore, it is important to identify target customers and target markets beforehand.

5. Focus on prospect list building:  Once you have identified your target customers, you should start concentrating on prospect list building. You must try to collect contact details of the maximum number of potential customers and clean your age-old database as efficiently as possible. Moreover, you need to screen various numbers that have been non-responsive on prior attempts of contact.

6. Set short-term and long-term sales targets:  It is so obvious that you won’t be able to accomplish each target, within a specified timeframe, with a limited budget, and so on. Therefore, you have to set your short-term goals efficiently by paying efficiently gauging your capability, which furthermore, will help you achieve long-term sales objectives easily.

7. Integrate sales strategies and call handling scripts:  This is a crucial step that can help you amalgamate sales strategies of outbound calling and customer engagement initiatives coherently. You should always pay to ensure that your call handling scripts pay special attention to sales strategies if you want to procure desirable outcomes.

8. Organize training sessions for all the marketing professionals:  By paying attention to this factor, you can easily ensure that your organizational strategies and telemarketing functions can be implemented and executed in the most competent manner. Therefore, you ought to organize training sessions for all the professionals employed in telemarketing functions.

9. Go live:  Once you have taken all the crucial steps mentioned above, you are prepared to go live. Herein, you need to ensure that your process-specific operations and functions are performed with utmost precision, proficiency, and expertise. More importantly, you need to ensure that all your marketing experts have access to the latest marketing tools so that they can perform and monitor crucial functions efficiently.

10. Never fail to prepare timely reports:  Now is the time you need to evaluate the efficiency of your telemarketing campaigns. Expert telemarketing call center firms always generate comprehensive reports so as to gauge the overall performance of various marketing initiatives. This will help you remodify your marketing strategies as per dynamic needs and emerging trends with the utmost competence.

In a nutshell:  It becomes crucial for all the forward-looking business firms to ensure that their mission-critical outbound calling strategies pay special attention to all the steps mentioned above. This will help you leverage all the compelling benefits of telemarketing efficiently.

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