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Unveil Ways to Grow Business with Customer Satisfaction Survey

customer satisfaction survey

In today’s competitive business environment, businesses are more focused towards the customer-driven surveys. A successful product must hold a good reputation in the market as well good amount of customers who can promote on regular basis.

Customer satisfaction survey is the most important stage of product life cycle that determines its sustainability in the market. A proud business owner is the one who understands the customer needs and demands, and consistently improves to delight them beyond what is expected.

Why customer satisfaction important?

It is important not only from the customer’s perspective, but it affects the business at large because it determines the line of profit and sustenance in the market.

Who is a satisfied customer?

A satisfied customer is the one who buys a product for more than 10 times, spread a word to friends and family, stays loyal, and brings more customers. As per research conducted by industry specialist, it has been revealed that when you win confidence of your customer, it gives the 10% probability of winning a new one.

When you win a customer, stick to them.

Most of the businesses believe that once a customer is using their product will come second or third time. Customer retention is one of the tedious tasks and it requires the complete efforts of a firm. It is advisable for all corporates once you attract a customer, try to retain because only a satisfied customer can bring new customers on the board. This can be achieved by outsourcing customer survey to outbound call center.

These service providers primarily focus on:

         1. Targeted audience

         2. Portion to measure

         3. Mode to conduct interview

         4. Satisfaction scale

         5. Analysis of feedbacks

         6. Effective implementation of feedbacks

How customer satisfaction can lead to business growth?

Every business launch expects the longevity in the market. However, it comes from the satisfaction of a customer and how loyal you stay with your audience. Building healthy customer relationship can give a quick boost to the business.

Here are some of the key ways through which businesses can achieve customer satisfaction:  

1. Going personal:  It is one of the most effective strategies which are being followed by most of the businesses. On the relationship building stage, both the parties i.e. company and customer both should go hand in hand and must know each other whereabouts to attain the better level of understanding.  The first step should always give the sense of positivity in the air and be able to build a move towards the second one.

2. Newsletter or mailers: Keep your client informed what you are doing for them. No matter what type of a business division you are-

  • Let your customer know what is happening
  • How it is happening
  • How their contribution is important

3. Long time mails: Go personal with long time clients and tell them that you’re being missed. Ask them why they have made no appearance in last one month or so. Make them feel wanted and special and bring the client back on board.

4. Remember special occasions: Send a personal email or a text on their special occasions and offer a good discount. Send birthday or anniversary cards in unique forms to build customer loyalty.

5. Timely feedbacks or survey: It can boost the business growth by 40%. When you value a client, let them know that there feedback also matters and you are on the way to improve the particular product. This you can achieve simply by taking assistance of outbound call center. These service providers with right knowledge and domain expertise help you gain better insight about your customer in a right manner.

6. Likeability of business development opportunities: Word of mouth from a loyal consumer can bring more clients on the board. They can possibly give some referrals or who else might be interested in the product. With each successful referral, give away a small token of appreciation and motivate more

7. Prioritize consumer retention: Focus on prioritizing and keep a periodical check to retain as much customers as you can. With every gone consumer, a business loses 5% of its credibility to retain a client. Check for the best ways to retain clients and keep them satisfied with best services

To make the above things possible, most of the companies hire customer-care executives and set up their own outbound call center to keep a check on the consumers and their needs. Hence, outsource call center services to know your customer’s tastes and preferences in a much effective manner.                

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