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4 Agile Hiring Practices Every Call Center needs to Know

Posted by Shiva Gaur

Every call center needs employees who are efficient, experienced, hard-working, and reliable and are able to handle work pressure within their official hours. As we all are aware of the fact that the call center’s main objective is to either provide support to their customers or market their client’s product in order to increase the sales of the products and services. If in case, inappropriate candidates are hired for such processes, they will either hamper the sales and objectives of the company and would prove to be unreliable and inefficient resources for the company.

Due to the huge processes that are conducted in the call centers, it’s important to follow the agile hiring process in order to ensure that you’re on the right track of the entire process. The agile hiring is done by letting the candidate to go through various checkpoints and sprints so that you get to know that you’ve made the right choice. This particular type of hiring process allows you to measure the qualities and expertise of the candidate so that the person proves to be an efficient resource for the company. In this blog post, we list four agile hiring practices that every call center needs to know. Take a look.

1. Engagement-Based Agile Hiring

There are some kinds of projects in BPO outsourcing companies that are formal and hierarchical. These projects must be handled with those employees who are experienced, trained and professionals in the respective domain. Therefore, it’s important to hire employees through engagement-based agile hiring in which the engagement of the candidate is judged by assigning him or her projects like SDN, LinkedIn, and other community forums. The way they handle the projects and create relationships with the colleagues indicates their efficiency and reliability.

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2. Outcomes-based Agile Hiring

Nowadays, when we run projects the first thing that comes to our mind is the outcome rather than thinking about the process and criteria to approach the goal. Similarly, when hiring the candidate for the outbound call center services, project managers should hire those employees who have reached successfully the actual outcomes in particular that fulfill the customer’s specific requirements. All you need to do is adopt an outcome-based hiring process in which you need to look deeper into the candidate’s intellect, background and not just the resume’s top headline.

3. Multi-Channel Handling

Hire candidates who are good at multi-channel handling. It is because they will be able to work outside their domain expertise for instance if the candidate is working in inbound processes, he or she must be able to handle the outbound call center processes as and when required. Another practice that must be followed during the agile hiring of BPO call centers, the managers need to check the communication ability of the candidates in different languages. This way they will know that the candidate they are hiring is able to handle multiple projects and also is capable of speaking multiple languages with the customers when required.

4. Hire Agile Skills

Before making any decision, it’s important to look at the candidate’s agile skillsets. Certification is not necessarily a substitute for actual experiences, it just demonstrates the human capability and self-starter attitude. Make sure whosoever candidate you finalized must be capable enough to work in any environment so that he or she can deliver reliable and trustworthy work. Hire those who are able to collaborate with colleagues, interact with customer stakeholders, and handle the technical silos. Look for qualities that can help your project in becoming more productive and efficient.

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Wrapping Up

Outbound call center services need excessive talent that can be used while the conversation with the customers. They need experienced and qualified people who know the ways to handle customer’s problems and issues regarding the products and services your offer. If you too are handling a BPO outsourcing company, you need to hire extreme talent with domain expertise. In addition, they are able to handle multiple processes whenever required.

For that, it’s important to provide them training and seminars so that they can enhance their skills and knowledge. There might be phases in which your employees will become demotivated and discouraged, but, you will have to motivate them by giving them examples and offering them promotions and incentives for their hard work. This way you’ll be able to enhance their work-quality and engagement time. Also, do not forget to take the customer’s feedback regarding the calls they are attending.

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