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What are Outbound Calls and what is the Strategy for its Success?

Posted by Prachi Priya
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Starting with the definition, outbound calls or outbound call center services cater to team up a group of agents that make outgoing calls to the potential customers that the company feels exist even today. This process uses the latest technology for making calls where mainly a predictive dialer is used. Since these predictive dialers help to make a large number of calls in an hour, outbound calling companies rely on it for performance.

Coming to the next, when we define the factors that determine the outbound calls’ success, there are several measuring aspects to cross. BPO call center keeps several strategies in mind to assure that outbound calls bring successful results.

Check out as we collect some strategies to work on:

Stipulating ambitions and KPIs

Every business firstly requires setting a goal to achieve. Creating ambitions, the business gets a push towards delivering outstanding performance.  When a business has a defined goal for its campaign, it is easier to choose the KPIs.

The key performance indicators (KPIs) help to highlight whether the outbound calls were appropriate for the business or not.

However, checking all KPIs is not possible and is a waste of time, so companies need to utilize the following strategies to check whether their outbound calls bring success or not. The approaches are:

•    Average handle time of calls

The time that an agent spends on calling a prospective customer and the hold and transfer period decides whether the outbound agent handled the call successfully or not. Spending huge time on call is a symbol of poor closing skills and agents need to avoid doing so.

•    Adaptation rate

This defines how fast an agent makes the customer adopt the business service and close the sale. Checking the conversion rate, it highlights how better an outbound agent is performing.

•    First call close

A high percentage of first call close displays that the outbound calling agents are selling the business services efficiently.

•    Occupancy rate

Occupancy rate when diminished displays that the agents might have had trouble finishing their after-call responsibilities.

The use of call center scripts

BPO call center scripts can be advantageous.


Well, these scripts help to store information, be free of possible mistakes, and deliver enriched results to the customers using the pre-defined scripts.

A worthy script helps the call center agents when they attempt to deliver perfect answers to the customers connected through outbound calling.

Success by engaging the prospect

The best approach for an outbound calls’ accomplishment is engaging the potential customer during the call.

These calls intend to inform and update the customers about the business service and cater to influence them to keep enjoying the offerings.

Here is a checklist that displays how by engaging the customers, your outbound callers can bring success to the company:

•    Attract the customers

It is essential to grab the customers’ attention as their interest brings productivity to the business. If the user does not have curiosity in your business service, she/he may avoid the agent’s call even after hearing for long.

Work on strategies to make the customers feel interested by talking about their requirements and the ways your service is helpful to them. It is of no use roaming around a conversation that talks about irrelevant aspects to the customer.

•    Give the prospect a valued feel

It is important for the outbound caller to make the potential partners feel that the call is for a valid reason.

If the customer feels that hearing to you is a waste of time, there would not be any delay in disconnecting the call.

Therefore, work with qualified leads with a strategy to change the leads’ interest into the business service.

•    Avoid making inappropriate promises

An outbound call is not about getting to the customers with fake promises. It is important for the agents to avoid delivering fake promises just to woo the customers.

Doing so can defame the company doing outbound calling as they fail to meet the commitment made.

•    A follow-up

No sooner is the prospect interested in your business service, fix a meeting and finalize further phases for excellent results.

Your outbound call is successful when you sell the service to the prospect. Thus, do not allow any delay in the follow-ups.

•    Consider the importance of the customers’ time

Outbound calling agents should always remember that the callers’ time is important and thus, be mindful of the same.

Agents should always have this habit of asking whether it is the right time to talk before landing to discuss why you called!

Incentives for the team

Your outbound campaign excels when there is a team of motivated and skilled agents.

Hiring carefully is the first step and the BPO call center needs to retain the employees for efficient results later.

When the employees stay for long, they work with an experience to sell the business service efficiently to the customers maintaining their interest.

Therefore, to avoid staff attrition, plan incentives for the team, train new employees and help them learn more. When the employees feel they are valued, they will work with full motivation bringing excellent results to customer satisfaction and to outbound calling services.

Lastly, let’s get across the most common uses of outbound call centers:

•    Booking appointments.

•    Doing market research.

•    Survey on customer satisfaction.

•    Collecting business debts.

•    Doing sales calls to potential customers.

•    Renewals of sales calls.

•    Customer service etc.

Outbound call centers cater to look after all the above services. Businesses that feel an external partner can look after the outbound customer support better outsource the same. 

Other major aspects to keep in mind while in the process of outbound calls are- be prepared to keep going, understand the reason why you are not able to sell in case you drop selling ratio, and measure what you do.

Thanks for reading!

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