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Benefits of Sales Discovery Process and How to Steer a Sales Discovery Call

Posted by Sunny Morgan
Benefits of Sales Discovery Process and How to Steer a Sales Discovery Call

The process of closing sales calls is incredibly impressive. It represents the glamorous aspect of the sales journey where a deal is successfully finalized, contracts are signed, and commission payments are deposited directly into your pocket. Nevertheless, reaching this stage necessitates the initial step of conducting a discovery call."

Discovery calls hold significant importance as they enhance the likelihood of closing a deal in the future. Depending on your target audience and the products or services you offer, you may spend around 10 to 20 hours engaging with your potential customer. It is crucial to gain a solid understanding of whether the deal will ultimately be sealed and at what value.

Fortunately, you can ascertain this information right from the beginning. We have acquired some insights from the experts of eminent inbound call center companies. In this article, you will discover the essence of a discovery call and explore the most effective questions to uncover whether your prospect is a suitable match. Let's commence our journey.

Defining Discovery Call:

Without a doubt, a discovery call serves as the initial discussion with a potential customer who has displayed interest in your product or service. This call aims to unveil the prospect's challenges, and objectives, and establish a connection. Ultimately, the inquiries posed during a discovery call determine the compatibility of the prospect and whether it is appropriate to proceed with their progression through the sales process.

Undoubtedly, the significance of the discovery call cannot be overstated within the sales process. It serves as the pivotal moment that establishes the tone for the entire relationship, encompassing both the pre-sale and post-sale phases. Generally, most of the outbound call center services are aware of this fact.

It is during this call that you have the opportunity to establish an influential rapport or find yourself in a constant state of trying to catch up. I have personally encountered situations where deals that initially seemed straightforward became needlessly complicated due to insufficient exploration during the discovery phase.

Sales Discovery Process

The sales discovery process marks the initial stride within the connect phase of the sales journey. During this pivotal stage, you embark on a comprehensive exploration of your prospect, combining thorough research and establishing a meaningful connection through phone communication. This stage is generally the most critical and challenging for a professional trying to achieve a sales completion.

The essence of the sales discovery process lies in posing vital qualifying questions to your prospect, enabling you to gather essential information and gauge their suitability for your offering. Concurrently, you address any inquiries they may have, provide solutions to their challenges, and strive to propel them forward along the sales pipeline, fostering a sense of progress and alignment.

  • Prepare and share insights: Prior to contacting your prospect, make necessary preparations and be ready to provide valuable insights. That’s the first thing every sales professional does in outbound call center services
  • Conduct prospect and company research: Invest time in researching your prospect and their company to gain valuable background information and shape relevant questions for the call.
  • Determine customer requirements: Clearly identify what you can offer and what you cannot to the prospect, considering buyer personas and any regional or pricing limitations.
  • Structure your questions: Categorize your questions into four segments - staging, qualifying, disqualifying, and next steps - to ensure a smooth and chronological flow of the conversation.
  • Share relevant industry insights: If you possess industry-specific insights that address your prospect's concerns, such as statistics or case studies, share them during the call to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service.
  • Connect your solution to their goals: Utilize the discovery call as an opportunity to showcase how your solution aligns with the prospect's goals. The experts of outbound call center services offering sales processes do the exact same thing.

Tailor your suggestions to their specific needs and illustrate how your offering can help them achieve desired outcomes. The importance of the discovery call can’t be overstated. Our SMEs from top outbound call center services suggest some of the undeniable importance of discovery calls, and we are going to illustrate them in the next section of this blog.

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Importance of Discovery Calls

Sales discovery calls play a crucial role in the sales process as they allow for the identification of prospect pain points, goals, and challenges, enabling a personalized and targeted approach to selling. These calls are vital for qualifying prospects, establishing rapport, and determining the fit between the prospect's needs and the offered solution, ultimately increasing the chances of successful sales conversions.

Make a Clear Understanding Of the Business and Product

Discovery calls essentially spread awareness about your products and services among the prospect base. You will be able to explain the specifications and uses of your products and services well. Also, discovery calls allow ample space and opportunity for you to make a good point. The prospects will also get enough time and opportunity to clear all of their doubts and clear their minds before moving further.

Upon the conclusion of the discovery call, prospects will possess a clear understanding of your identity as well as a comprehensive grasp of your company's essence. It is highly probable that they will have specific inquiries regarding product features or industry terminologies, presenting you with a valuable opportunity to assess their level of interest and capture their attention effectively.

An Opportunity to Show Your Concern in Customer Succes

A successful sales discovery call instills confidence in prospects, assuring them that you possess a comprehensive understanding of their challenges. By demonstrating your commitment to their success and emphasizing a professional approach, prospects are reassured that you prioritize their needs over mere financial gain. The ideology applies in the field of outbound call center service too.

To further enhance your preparedness, it is crucial to thoroughly review any existing information about the prospect stored within your organization's sales software. Delve into your CRM or lead management tool to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the prospect's business, enabling you to engage in a more informed and tailored conversation during the discovery call.

Gauge the Chances of Your Success

During the discovery call, you will have a valuable opportunity to effectively qualify your prospect by delving into various aspects of their business. This includes identifying their specific pain points, assessing their level of influence within the organization, gauging their willingness to advocate for your product, and determining their initial inclination towards purchasing your offering as opposed to that of a competitor.

To accomplish this, you can utilize a sales qualification framework such as BANT or explore alternative frameworks that align with your sales process. While the list of benefits stemming from the discovery call can be extensive, let's dive straight into it. Below, I have compiled a set of go-to discovery questions. It's important to note that covering every question in every call may not be feasible or necessary.

You will observe that all the questions provided are open-ended in nature. This deliberate choice is because open-ended questions excel at prompting prospects to provide insights beyond simple "yes" or "no" responses. Utilize these questions to qualify your prospect effectively, and be prepared to disqualify them if it becomes evident that they are not a suitable fit for your product or service.

The Significance of Call Discovery in Sales

The call discovery process holds significant importance in sales call centers, serving as a fundamental pillar in achieving successful sales outcomes. It plays a crucial role in uncovering crucial information about potential customers and their needs, enabling call center agents to tailor their approach and offer targeted solutions.

  • First and foremost, the discovery process allows call center agents to gain a comprehensive understanding of the prospect's pain points, challenges, and objectives.
  • By engaging in meaningful conversations and asking pertinent questions, agents can delve into the specific needs and preferences of each prospect.
  • This knowledge serves as the foundation for building rapport, establishing credibility, and ultimately creating a personalized sales experience.
  • Furthermore, the call discovery process empowers call center agents to qualify prospects effectively. By assessing factors such as budget, decision-making authority, timeline, and fit with the product or service offering,
  • Agents can determine the viability of converting the prospect into a customer. This qualification process helps prioritize leads and allocate resources efficiently, leading to improved conversion rates and sales performance.
  • In addition, the discovery process enables call center agents to identify and address any objections or concerns raised by the prospect. By actively listening and engaging in two-way communication,
  • Agents can gather valuable feedback and provide tailored solutions that alleviate any reservations or doubts.
  • This not only instills confidence in the prospect but also positions the call center as a trusted advisor and partner in meeting their specific needs.
  • Moreover, the call discovery process fosters a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape.
  • By probing into the prospect's familiarity with competitor offerings and their preferences, call center agents can position their product or service as a superior solution.
  • This insight allows agents to highlight key differentiators and effectively articulate the value proposition, increasing the chances of closing the deal and outperforming competitors.

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The call discovery process in sales call centers is instrumental in driving successful outcomes. It equips agents with the necessary information to tailor their approach, qualify prospects, address objections, and position their offerings effectively. By investing time and effort in understanding prospects' needs, call centers can enhance customer satisfaction, boost conversion rates, and ultimately drive business growth.

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