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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Recruiting Candidates Using Outbound Call Centre Services

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma
outbound call centers services

Are you looking for executives to join your business operations in different job roles? If yes, all you need is a handful of support from the recruiting department.

In today’s time, it is often seen that organizations are facing difficulty in managing business’s core competencies due to distractions of handling other departments from the same office space.

Hence, to ease such situations outsourcing the recruitment services to third-party outbound call centre vendors is the right thing to do!

How does the Outbound Call Centre play a decisive role in approaching the suitable candidate?

If you are reading the current article, you might be having a little idea about how exactly the outbound call centre works to enhance the sales and business conversion rate.

The purpose of the outbound call centre can be creating follow-up calls to existing customers, feedback collection, surveys, upselling, and even recruiting potential candidates on the behalf of their client.

Currently, the organization does have a tough schedule, due to which hiring candidates in bulk for a particular job role is a daunting task as the executives of the human resource department also need to deal with post-hiring kinds of stuff like providing training to staff, onboarding, documentation, handling grievances of employees, etc.

Hence, in that case, if the organization is facilitated with the services that can cut down their efforts as well as greet talented professionals hired through market experts is no less than a cherry on the cake.

Here, the organizations can outsource their recruitment services to an outbound call centre, as they are well nurtured in handling such operations at an effective cost and in the most efficient manner by reaching out to potential candidates post various levels of filtration.

Recommendations to follow for recruiting candidates using outbound call centre services

When recruiting candidates for your business by outsourcing the domain to a third-party vendor, make sure that they surpass all levels of requirements to hunt down the best candidates.

Given below are the few listed recommendations that are needed to be followed when hiring the candidates through outbound call center services-

#1 The outbound call centre agent’s speech should not be robotic

The way agents/executives on phone calls interact with the targeted customer is vital.

Therefore, the agent’s on-call needs to be prepared with a proper script based on a template, but to mind, it shouldn’t be robotic in speech.

As the potential audience can be left irate if the executive is not ready to listen to him/her or sounding a pre-recorded IVR.

Hence, the agent should for sure follow a script template but by keeping space to welcome unexpected discussion and queries from the customer’s end.

#2 Always give a brief info about the parent organization

When the agent is approaching a suitable candidate, the agent should always begin by giving brief information about the organization for which it is hiring, so as to avoid any confusion in the future when it comes to joining part.

Aware the candidate about the purpose of calling and expected job position. Also, enlighten them about the organization’s achievement and positioning in the market along with details from where you have got their details to develop the trust that you belong from a genuine company.

#3 The agent should be prepared with the list of FAQs

The call center intended to provide outbound call centre services to their client for recruiting the candidates on their behalf should be ready with a set of questions to ease the process.

The FAQs should revolve around the segment that briefs the summary of the recipient’s professional history such as academic details, the reason for leaving the current organization, notice period tenure, expected salary, etc.

Also, the outbound call centre should prepare a basic set of questions related to the domain for which the agent is pitching the potential candidate.

#4 Always watch the clock when calling the candidate

When outsourcing the recruitment services to a third-party outbound call centre, always check whether they follow the timing pattern for creating the call, recorded from their previous clients or not.

Calling the potential client at an irregular time can lead to call drop or further follow-up calls. Hence, watch the time that can be used positively to set the face-to-face interview from the first call only.

#5 Use advanced tools to segment the candidate type

While using outbound call center services for hiring the candidate, bring advanced tools into considerations for segmenting the candidate in order to make it reach the right hiring executive.

The tools should be supported with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning that can easily categorize different candidates based on keywords used by them while creating profiles on various job portals and conversations recorded during previous calls.

Using such tools bolsters in churning out the positive result for the organization by onboarding the right talent for the job role.

In Conclusion

If you are facing difficulty in managing the hiring of new employees, outsourcing the services to an outbound call centre is the best ever one can do in a business's favor.

Having similar concerns? Comment down below to get more information about the outbound call centre services.

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