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3 reasons why Outbound Call Centers are reliant on Automatic Dialer System

Posted by Rahul Garg

In today’s hyper-competitive era, every business owner wants to ascend the throne of the market. For the same reason, companies of all sizes avail call center outsourcing services from recognized vendors.

Generally, SMEs avail inbound call center services so that nothing can make a negative impact on the customer base. However, services from outbound call centers get availed so that businesses can grow at a better pace. In short, inbound call centers are generally focused on customer support whereas outbound ones are sales-focused principally.       

To make sure that clients enjoy better sales results, outbound call centers use an automatic dialer system. By means of this system, outbound call centers often secure desired results. How? Here are the top 3 reasons that would tell why automatic dialer system is so important for outbound call centers, so have a look:  

1. Uplifts efficiency of telemarketers

At the present time, every outbound call center is relying on the automatic dialer system as it multiplies the efficiency of telemarketers significantly. Automatic dialer system plays a prime role in increasing the average talk time per hour. This factor is vitally important because if telemarketers communicate with maximum prospects in a day, the sales conversion rate is more likely to amplify.

The specialty of the automatic dialer system is that it can predict when the current call would be disconnected. In addition, this system searches the next best possible number until telesales agents are busy on the calls. It places a call as soon as agents conclude the conversation with prospects. As a positive result of all of this, agents succeed in conversing with maximum prospects without making any dialing errors, which consequently, leads to better sales results.

Thinking whether employing a manual dialing system would be beneficial or not? We would like to reveal that the manual dialing system only secures 10 to 15 minutes of talk time per hour whereas an automatic dialer system guarantees 40 to 50 minutes talk time per hour. After knowing this huge output difference, you should automatically get the idea of why the manual dialing system is no longer beneficial.

Here’re some benefits that make automatic dialing system more preferable:

  • Prevents silly human mistakes.
  • It helps to reach a throng of potential customers on a regular basis.
  • Perfectly schedules call-backs.

So, if you really want to secure better sales growth without taking any external help, bring an automatic dialer system in your in-house outbound call center.

2. Makes sure that legal issues don’t arise

Another reason why every recognized outbound call center in USA rates an automatic dialer system so high is it prevents legal issues. To get the desired sales results, it is understandable that maximum calls should be placed in a day, but it doesn’t mean that rules and regulations can be ignored. Sometimes telemarketers breach TCPA policies unintentionally because of the manual dialing system, thereby legal issues take place and cost in mammoth financial loss.

Don’t know about TCPA policies? According to TCPA policies, companies cannot place calls related to telemarketing to those people who have already availed DNC (Do Not Call) service. Breaching TCPA policies simply means giving an invitation to legal issues, and this could be harmful to the business’s overall productivity.                          

The best way to stay away from legal issues is making use of the automatic dialer system as it automatically filters out DNC registered numbers and connects telemarketers to those prospects who are open to answering sales-related calls. This not only prevents legal issues but also leads to better sales conversion rate.

So, if you want your business to not come across legal issues, use an automatic dialer system or avail telemarketing services from recognized vendors.

3. Makes agents’ life easier           

Generally, businesses that prefer to handle the telemarketing campaign on their own avoid using the automatic dialer system because they think that it puts unnecessary pressure, which leads to a high agent attrition rate. However, this isn’t true at all.

Of course, an automatic dialer system gives less time to prepare for the next call as it connects telemarketers to prospects within a short time span. Indeed, this sounds like a disadvantage, but the factor you may not be known is that an automatic dialer system can be integrated with the CRM system, and that means telemarketers automatically get all the information on their system before being connected to prospects.

This leads to a meaningful dialogue, which, in turn, results in better sales results. After being acquainted with this fact, there should be no more doubts regarding why recognized outbound call centers use an automatic dialer system for high productivity.   

Therefore, if you wish to make your telemarketing campaign successful without availing services from specialized outbound call center service providers, an automatic dialer system is the tool that you should be using.

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