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Market Research Errors That You Must Avert

Posted by Neeti Patial

Market research isn't as easy as it seems to be. It's not something that you can ever think of doing without a team of experienced professionals with the right knowledge, expertise and training to put your faith in. Don't ever think of taking shortcuts as it can result in potential errors that can further negatively impact your marketing plan.

In reality, the professionals have to keep their eyes peeled for quite a few common errors. It goes without saying that, even veteran market researchers do fall victim to certain things, such as sampling errors and mistakes while analyzing data. There are numerous corporate call centers in India that are offering optimal solutions for market research. 

Through this post, I would like to highlight some of the key market research errors that businesses do inadvertently. 

Let's have a close look at some of the common types of market research errors:

Definition Error- Before embarking on any market research initiative, first try to make out precisely what type of information you want to gather and how it is going to be collected. Hence, ensure that team must proceed after outlining a series of propositions that will help in gathering information -- whether it's a focus group, survey effort, or other endeavors. However, if these definitions or propositions turn out to be indelicate, it can harm the complete process, and create a faulty and ambiguous outcome. Consequently, a focus group might be given indelicate information to draw conclusions, or a survey question following faulty assumption can lead respondents to retort that turns out to be of no use.

Sampling Error- Before market researchers can initiate a survey or focus group, they must bring together an illustrative sample of respondents -- that is, a group of particular individuals that precisely exemplifies, and thus replicates the opinions and feelings of, a much larger group. However, in case that sample is gathered below par, it can create disingenuous results. Below par screened respondents can twist an entire focus group, predominantly if they have strong personalities that can impact others in the group.

Question Error- These errors come into play when surveys and focus group questionnaires are designed. Seldom, a question can inadvertently lead a respondent to an explicit answer if it's erroneously worded. What's more, if an interviewer point toward, purposely or otherwise, that a certain survey question has a right answer, it can dramatically twist the outcomes. Therefore, it's imperative for research teams to have a reliable and qualified member running focus groups, and experienced employees reading survey scripts. This can be easily accomplished simply by outsourcing BPO services in India. These outbound call centers have a team of highly skilled personnel that can help you in gathering the required information in the right manner. 

Respondent Error- The most capricious aspect of any market research endeavor is its respondents, and often this the point where most of the project goes awry. Sometimes individuals do give answers that aren't accurate. This may be due to the fact that they fail to comprehend a question (in which case the probability of a question error should be analyzed), or because they might intentionally give an incorrect response since they're uncomfortable telling the real facts. It happens seldom with a particular pattern, though occasionally focus groups can be surpassed by strong personality traits. Hence, that is why it is highly imperative to get these services outsourced as qualified, experienced professionals will be creating the right type of questions. The prime objective is to put the respondent at ease and prompt them in a manner to get correct information. 

In a nutshell, reinforce your business bottom lines by making your customer relationship stronger. Outsource BPO services in India and concentrate on other aspects of your business.

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