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How can outbound call centers improve their sale techniques?

Posted by Sukriti Saini
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It is becoming increasingly imperative for businesses, whether new or established, to reach out to the targets in order to add them to the customer base. However, this practice has become so common that customers now are tired of such calls and thus resort to disconnecting the call as soon as they hear the telemarketing agent speak.

The customers are becoming more and more informed and thus it has become easy for them to understand which salespersons desperately want to sell and the ones who actually have some value to their product. Remember a customer only pays heed to your call when you have something to offer that matches their interest and surpasses with other similar products in the market.

Gone are the days when traditional sale techniques used to work, it’s time to change them. Now, each telemarketing services agent needs to adapt himself to the newer, better and more effective techniques.

So, let’s take a look at few of the best adaptive selling techniques.

    Knowledge of the product/service-

The outbound call centers should let the employees that having a thorough product knowledge is as important for them as it is for the agents of the inbound call centers. Inbound call center agents need this knowledge to solve the problem of the customers. However, while making outbound calls it is required to counter every statement that the targeted customer makes and to show him how valuable the product is and ultimately be able to sale.

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So, the telemarketing services managers should spend time in training the agents working under their guidance and supervision. Let the agents know each and every technical aspect alongwith the non-technical knowledge. 

    Know the targeted customer-

A bit background knowledge of the person you are going to call always helps. Basic knowledge like where they live, what their interests are, the gender and the language rather the dialect they speak can greatly assist the agent in customizing the sales pitch they have. Doing so will make the conversation more effective and personal, which in turn, will increase the chance of turning the target into a customer.

    Identify the lead type-

After placing the call, as soon as the telemarketing services agents start speaking to the person on the line, they should start analyzing which type of potential customer he is. Broadly, there are four types of leads- the one who analyze a lot, the ones who are quite expressive, the ones who are friendly and lastly the ones who are in haste. So, teach the agents different techniques and let them observe the impact on the sales they make.

    Fit in their communication style-

If the agents will adapt themselves to the way the lead is speaking, it will help them in building a good relationship with the person. This will improve the chances of making sales as the person will get more comfortable in speaking with you over call. Train agents to make their speaking style adaptive enough.

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    Personalize the conversation-

Telemarketing services agents should try to make the conversation a bit personal. They should not mug up the sales script and utter it to everyone in the exact same way. Instead they should try to make it sound as natural as they can.  As a manager, it becomes your duty to support the agents with tools that give them access to the target’s location, social media etc. this may help them in understanding which product can serve their interest more. Offering something that serves the interests of the lead increases the chance to sell phenomenally. Also, take the name of the person as if you are sure he would be picking the call and like you know him. Don’t ask in doubt if you are talking to that person, be sure of it.

    Take control of the conversation-

A telemarketing services provider should train its agent to learn how to control conversation from the beginning till the end. The first thing needed to ensure the same is the presence of confidence. Train your agents so well that they stay confident of whatever they speak. This will leave a good impression on the person and will make him listen and nod to what your agent is saying.

Apart from the aforementioned points, the agents should also understand and anticipate the needs of their customers.  Rest the aforementioned sale techniques will help you in increasing the sales rapidly. However, the techniques cannot be adopted overnight, they will take time. Gradually, the agents on your team will get a hold of these techniques and you will start noticing the difference.

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