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How Customer Surveys Helps Businesses Reduce Customer Churn?

Posted by Neeti Patial
Customer Surveys Helps Businesses Reduce Customer Churn

Formidable market competition and rising consumer power have undermined conventional product- and service-based point of differentiation, compelling organizations to seek innovative, more robust formulae of competitive advantage. Many business and IT frontrunners are recognizing the customer experience as an effective source of achieving competitive differentiation.

Statistics show us the real picture. They divulge how prevailing trends, philosophies, and development take shape and change over time. Now the question is how you can fetch the exact facts and figures about your target audience’s likes and dislikes to discreetly devise a strategy to win over their loyalty. Answer to this question is quite simple- implementation of one of the most effective outbound call center services, i.e. customer surveys.

Customer surveys are a valuable tool to understand and gauge your customers’ ever fluctuating requirements and demands. It helps you know what products and services your customers are happy about? Which products and services is no longer in the preference list?  What can be the competitive price for your upcoming product or service?  How can you differentiate your company from the competitors?

As per the research over the past two decades, it has been revealed that customer survey influence approaches in the short term or one-time behaviour, like a single purchase.

Marketers have long valued that customer surveys as they engage the target audience. A simple yes-or-no questionnaire on a direct-mail can tempt them to peep inside. However, many business owners are still in doubt- can a customer survey exert an influence customers’ loyalty or purchasing habits?

Companies have indeed jumped into the bandwagon of carrying out customer surveys. They are seeking the assistance of reputed to outbound call centers to reach out target audience to gain better insight about their personal experience. These external service providers make use of mail, phone, email, web and other various survey platforms.

Usually point systems are used (for instance ratings on a 1 to 10 scale) which generates a statistical data and enables for a host of quantifiable evaluates. Besides this, many outbound call centers even make use of Net promoter score (NPS) to helps in evaluating customer loyalty. It has become one of the standard metrics to generate coherent results of an organization's performance through its customers' perspective.

Technically, customer satisfaction levels should be scrutinized over time to determine rising or descending propensities; mathematical evaluations must be made between customer as well as product or service categories. Going forward, the customer-related information can help you making a benchmark in the industry by improving the quality of product and service deliverability.

You must be thinking how just 10 minutes of customer survey over phone can influence the audience? Quite a lot of theories on consumer psychology here might be applicable. The simplest is that customer satisfaction surveys request earnestly to customers’ desire to be pampered, strengthening affirmative feelings they may already have about the organization, thereby inducing them to purchase its products.

Moreover, surveys also improve people’s awareness about company’s products and thus inspire looming purchases. More precise is the inkling that the very practice of probing people their opinions can persuade them to make up their mind that otherwise wouldn’t occur to them.

And, indeed, you can envision surveying customers as one of the best and legitimate way to enhance their loyalty. Surveys do exert influence by manifesting prevailing views and paying heed on them—triggering satisfied customers to realize that they like some particular products.

In the bottom line-

Customer surveys undeniably help companies to obtain the drivers of customer delight or discontent, then generate the conforming metrics and trace those drivers rather than survey scores.

On the flipside, if these surveys are not carried out in right way they might conjure up disgruntled customers and underpins negative sentiments, reduces purchases and plummet profitability. So, do consider taking up assistance of reputable and experienced outsourced call centers. They can help you create simple surveys and endeavour for improved response rates to guarantee that the customer is being signified aptly. Hence, make sure your service partner takes up the right path.

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