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Best Tips for Outbound Call Centers to Handle Calls

Posted by Sukriti Saini
Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound call center services provider find the most basic part of their work the toughest. Wondering what is it? It’s making outbound calls. The call center agents don’t just need to act as a good sales person but also as a good friend. He is ought to have a perfect balance in his communication and listening skills.

Nevertheless, while there are no tips and tricks to get away with that if you are a call center agent handling the outbound segment, there are certain tips to ease this inescapable task of your work.  Take a look.

1.    Cold calling

Calling the prospects out of the blue, i.e. without fixing an appointment with them or without them knowing is called cold calling. So, when you cold call a person, you need to be very confident and proficient in your approach. The best way is to talk like you are in a face-to-face meeting with them. Also, practice the opening lines nicely along with the basic pitch lines. Doing so will make your call stand out and will make the person on the line interested in listening to your say. So, always have a clear plan in mind to approach the prospect. 

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2.    Knockbacks

As a manager, you should train your agents in a way that they are able to face the knockbacks. The agents should know that even if the prospect says that he isn’t interested, they shouldn’t be asking why. In fact, the agents should be told the tricks to ask the same- they should be humbly questioning the prospects so as to make it easy to carry on the conversation with them while ascertaining the reason of disinterest. Also, the agent should be able to convince the prospect to listen to him. However, if the person still sounds completely disinterested, it is better to end the call. Inculcating this tip is a bit difficult but with practice, you will surely be able to learn it.

3.    Objection handling

The best way for the outbound call center services provider to handle the objection is to use words like feel, felt, found. After understanding what the objection of the prospect is, you should tell him that you understand how he feels. In fact, others also used to feel the same way earlier. But after listening to our say, they found the true picture. So, when they get ready to fix an appointment, you brace yourself to combat every objection they could think of making.

4.    Enraged customers

The ideal way to deal with the irate customers is to do the opposite of what they are doing. If they yell, you be polite- if they speak at a fast pace, you speak at a slow pace. These minor things make a lot of difference. Make use of power words. Though you will not succeed in every attempt, what’s the harm in trying? Remember your communication skills hold a lot of power in making or breaking your outbound call center services.

5.    Selling

The aim of outbound call center services, unless it is not for third-party employment verification, is to either increase the brand awareness or increase the sales. So, learn to sell the profits of using the product and not its features. Every agent should work on drafting a script that makes it hard for the customers to say no. So, even if the person on the line is not able to decide if he wants to buy the product or not, give him some time but close the call only after fixing a suitable time and day to follow up.

6.    Don’t make unreal promises-

Never make unreal promises and hype things too much just to make the person on the line but the product. This just demeans the rapport of the company in the eyes of the prospect. Moreover, there can also be some questions that the agents don’t have a great answer to, in that scenario, he should say that he is not the best person to answer this or he will come back with an answer or will make the right person call him back.

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7.    Start each call afresh-

Whether your previous call has ended on a good note or a bad one, don’t let it impact your new call. Start afresh. If every prospect would be given the right outbound call center services, it could turn into the next customer.

In brief, just follow the aforementioned points and ace the call handling game perfectly.

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