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Major Difference between BPO and Call Center Service

Posted by Sukriti Saini
BPO vs Call Center

Most of the times the terms business process outsourcing (BPO) and call center services are used in place of each other. It is so as many of the individuals think that BPO and call center service mean the same.

In reality, it won’t be wrong if we say that you are under wrong impression. Both of them though inter-related, share some major differences. Let’s take a look at them.


A BPO company usually shoulders the responsibility of running a process of another business organization. BPO services are conceptualized and practiced for businesses to save on costs or gain in productivity. On the other hand, a call center service is designed to perform the tasks of a business process of another organization which mainly deal with telephone calls. A call center in India, for instance, primarily handles customer complaints, order taking queries and booking inquiries coming in over a telephone.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the call center itself is a BPO organization with least service spectrum. Reason being is that there are companies offering BPO services through websites and do not handle telephone calls to deliver services to clients such as medical transcription agencies. However, the range of activities that fall under BPO services is extensive, but are restricted to deal with non-core tasks including back-office administration, data capture, and customer contact.

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BPO services revolve around finance and accounting, sourcing and procurement, knowledge-based services, human resource outsourcing, customer management services and some other processes as well. The call centers handle the front office processes only. The basic function of a call center is to keep the existing customers happy and persuade the potential ones by means of calling. 

On the other hand, BPOs manage your relationship with the customers and also your core back-end business functions.


BPO services are mainly handled two kinds of processes that are back-end processes and front office processes. The back end process include data entry, management, payments, surveys, accounts & finance etc.

On the other hand, the front office processes include customer management services through social media, phone, Email, and live chat, etc.  It basically includes telemarketing, appointment setting, customer support, inbound & outbound sales, and market researching and technical support and help desk services. All the BPOs don’t provide both the processes. In fact, most of the BPOs provide front office process as well as call center outsourcing options.


Call center services providers handle just the front office processes that are limited to calls – inbound and outbound. The call that the customers make are inbound calls, so they receive the calls to resolve the issue customer is facing or to answer his inquisition. Moreover, the calls made by the agents to persuade the potential customer to buy the product or service of your company are outbound calls.


While a call center service is needed for direct customer interaction and to nurture the relationship of a company with its customers, BPOs are hired for working on the back end and front office work of an organization. This may or may not involve interacting with the customers. They handle the core processes and the non-core processes or the parts of those processes to improve their functioning and reduce the costs. 

So, now that you know how different both these terms are, just be a little more careful while using these. Also, now you will be able to understand all that you will read about the BPOs and call centers better. If you still have any doubts, comment down below and we would love to help you. Also, if you are a company looking for a reliant call center services or BPO services provider, feel free to chat, mail or call us.

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