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What is the Future of Call Centers in India as a Preferred Outsourcing Hotspot?

Posted by Akash Jaiswal
Future of call centers in india

Call centers in India are the preferred hotspot for outsourcing. But, with new businesses entering the market each day, it becomes a hassle for the industries to sustain themselves and be at the top of the competition. By outsourcing the right call center in India, you can be a winner.

Besides, by enabling the latest technology with call centers in India, you will get tremendous growth. These days, customers’ demands and behavior have changed. They want instant response and also want to connect with the organization at their convenience. Therefore, the call centers must be updated with the customer service and demand according to the time.

Well, in this blog let’s talk about the changes and future trends of the call centers in India. Additionally, call centers have already begun to adopt the latest technologies. But before going deeper let’s understand what a call center is and also what its role. So, let’s get started!

What Call Center Is?

A call center can be a department or an office where agents deal with incoming and outgoing calls. Additionally, those calls can be from both new as well as existing customers and handled by the team of advisors or call center representatives.

What is the Role of Call Centers in India?

Call centers in India are an essential aspect of every organization. They foster improved communication, customer relations, and service, and also boost revenue. Call centers deal with issues and complaints from customers. When a customer receives a prompt resolution, they start to trust the goods and services of the business.

Simply put, the company increases its goodwill. These satisfied consumers stay with the company over time and refer others to it. As a result, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for the brand improves.

However, new technologies must be used to provide exceptional services. The good news is that call centers are getting the support they require. Businesses have started making investments in the most innovative and creative call center solutions. They understand that the new, cutting-edge technology will improve the performance of call agents. Customers will benefit from more effective services and shorter wait times as a consequence.

What are the Reasons for Outsourcing Call Centers in India?

Here we have stated some of the specific key reasons that show why outsourcing to the Indian call centers will be beneficial. They are mentioned below. So, let’s come to the points directly.

1. Cost Saving Services:

Employing local professionals is more expensive in most industrialized countries due to the high cost of living, while hiring an Indian professional in a remote location—preferably their own country—is far more cost-effective for these firms.

The affordable price of expert services that can be hired remotely is one of the main benefits for businesses in countries like the United States. The fact that quality standards are maintained in line with global standards despite the affordable prices of services is another benefit.

2. Highly Educated Manpower:

India has the largest skilled talent pool. Each year, almost 1.5 million engineering graduates pass out from various institutes like IITs and NITs. Therefore, this gives companies a wide range of possibilities. Also, they are qualified enough to work as professionals in developed nations.

Thus, companies in the United States may escape regional restrictions and get the greatest expertise from outsourcing call centers in India. India is a popular destination for outsourcing since a good hiring process among a large pool of skilled specialists guarantees the creation of a top-notch workforce.

3. Advanced Technologies:

Indian call centers offer remote services and strive to offer clients that outsource to them cutting-edge infrastructure and technological support. The futuristic training of employees working for remote clients is one of the most important tasks that each remote hiring agency does. Thus, clients benefit from the best employees available being picked specifically for them.

4. Cutting-Edge Infrastructure:

Several world-class cities with cutting-edge infrastructure and global connectivity may be found in India. Cities with specialized corporate infrastructure for top-tier corporations include Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. Numerous other two-tier cities, including Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, and Indore, are on the fast road to seeing the growth that is equivalent to that of these and provides advantages due to their superior infrastructure and more affordable prices.

Although, large office buildings with the best amenities, able to accommodate a large team of personnel, are dispersed in areas set aside solely for business use.

5. Excellent Client Support and Communication:

By using modern communication technology applications like Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, and Team, communication becomes seamless as direct communication between two individuals or teams who sit in the same location.

Until the global pandemic, the business sector never questioned the usage of these applications, but they came in handy and saved lives. Nearly every employee was working from a remote location during this period, whether it was their home or somewhere else in the world.

6. Concentrating on Important Abilities and Results:

Companies might outsource specific tasks like HR, marketing and sales, or customer service to concentrate on their core competencies and deliverables, such as software development, FMCG manufacture, supply chain management, or banking and finance.

On the other hand, outsourced services are similarly controlled by service providers with expertise in the relevant area, leading to overall improved efficiency.

The firm may manage the time-consuming responsibilities of hiring, training, payroll administration, and grievance redressal significantly more quickly and at a lesser cost, for instance, if the HR process is outsourced to a company with expertise in it.

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Future Technology Trends of Call Centers in India

Change has been greatly accelerated by the outbreak. It has caused businesses to understand that they must invest in cutting-edge technologies, some of which are AI-powered, to compete. Think about the forthcoming technical developments in call centers as follows:

1. Intelligently Call Routing:

In Indian call centers, intelligent call routing is frequently employed. Over the next ten years, it is anticipated that the use of intelligent call routing would increase dramatically. Traditional call routing is static and dependent on rules.

Based on factors including agent CSAT, customer LTV, language, skills, and call purpose, intelligent call routing automatically matches the right agent with the caller. As a result, it enhances the call's outcome and promotes customer confidence in your offerings.

2. Analytics will be the Motivator:

Businesses use a variety of techniques, including analytics, to get insight into the data about their customers. Companies utilize a variety of support channels, which may include voice and digital, to ensure that customers may reach them wherever they are (social media, texting, bots, etc.).

Analytics might help them create plans that maximize agent use and enhance customer service. For instance, the supervisor could add extra agents to the channel or use call deflection if the call waiting time is rising.

3. Use of Automation Tools Will Be Prominent:

The efficiency of Indian call centers will be increased by AI-powered automation systems. Automation solutions would be helpful to call centers in streamlining their internal processes. These technologies also help decision-makers achieve the best option after providing them with a wealth of information about their clientele.

For instance, speech analytics technologies can examine all call records to find the main issues and identify talks that did not meet compliance standards. Automation solutions save costs while boosting productivity, efficiency, and speed.

4. Digitization Processes:

More than 84% of businesses had started digitizing their operations by 2020. They planned to transition around 44% of their personnel to remote work. Unsurprisingly, remote work and digitization reached their pinnacle in 2021 and became the new standard in 2022.

The need for self-service by customers and the increase in complicated encounters are the driving forces behind call center digitalization. Improved customer service is now possible because of new digital technologies including social media, video, messaging, bots, in-call analytics, and post-call analytics.

5. Digital Tool Training for Call Center Agents:

Call center representatives that have received the finest training can provide customers with the best service. A satisfied customer recommends your business to others and comes back. Real-time analytics combined with QA technology might be advantageous for managers and team leaders (audio and text). Using the barge-in tools, agents may also receive training over the phone.

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Bottom Line:

Call center in India is an important aspect for MNCs. This is because every organization looking to deliver better satisfaction to their customers. So, the Indian call centers have an educated workforce and also use advanced technologies to deliver quality service. Apart from all these things, they charge minimum wages. Additionally, call centers in India provide numerous benefits and also started to adapt new technologies that lead the organization to beat the competition globally.

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