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How to make your chat support services more engaging?

Posted by Shashvat
Chat Support Services

No matter how many customers you have, if you will not stay in touch with them they will lose interest in your products and services. Astounded? But yes, that’s the truth. The company-customer relationship works mostly on the same grounds as that of personal relationships.

That is why it is mostly the little gestures that matter more than even the discounts and other monetary gains. It the kind of bond you share with your customers that make the world of difference.

Hence, it is quintessential to miss no chance to make the customers feel how loved and cared they are. A smart way to do this is to integrate some practices in the chat support services and email support services that increase the personal touch.

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Nevertheless, discussing one at a time, in this blog, we elucidate a few points to make your chats more engaging because human touch and personal interaction are what your customers are looking for. Take a look.

•    Be amiable – It is very important for the agents to be friendly with the customers. The agents should be encouraged to initiate conversations and reply immediately in a friendly tone to the customer who has sent a message. To make the chats even more personal, the agents should introduce themselves using their names and should also ask the customers their name so that every time they reply, they address the customer using his name. This will make the customers feel very special. Remember they don’t want to talk to a robot but a human. So, customized messages are always more appreciated than the automated ones.

•    Ask for feedback- Chat support services are not just a great way to provide assistance to your customers but also to collect data for analysis of the performance of your products. So, ask your agents to take feedback at the end of each chat. Let them share their chatting experience with you. Whether they like it or it needs some improvement. At the end of each chat, you can embed this. However, to get a feedback from them you should ask the close-ended question more than the open-ended ones as most of them would not be interested in replying after their purpose is solved. After assimilating a considerable amount of feedback about the chat experience and their take on the company, you can make reports and work towards improvising your services and products. This practice will make the customers feel how valuable they are to your company. 

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•    Stay humble- There should be a perfect balance of formal and informal words. Don’t overdo any of those. There is a thin line between being friendly and being over-friendly, try to not to cross it. Especially when you are giving some bad news or making a bad statement, it is good to stick to the formal tone only. Don’t think of telling the customer casually that you cannot help them in that regard or that the discount there are expecting isn’t available anymore. Use please, kindly and thank you all the times possible. Doing all this helps in increasing the rapport of the company in the eyes of the customers. This makes you win more and more loyal customers as well. 

•    Find a connection- There is a saying that whenever you are even a bit dubious, you should listen to the customers. This will help you in understanding a lot many things about them, and their problems. Never reply while the customer in typing. Don’t offer a solution after reading half of the message, let them type everything and then reply after reading the whole of the text. The agents should never assume that they know what the customer wants. So, tell your agents to ask all the necessary questions and read them carefully. When you will know their pain points, it will become easy for you to connect with them on an emotional level.

•    Use the right tactics- The agents assisting the customers through chat support services also need some relief. So, automated messages should not be eliminated completely. There are certain questions to which the reply is always the same. However, they can be customized by placing the right emojis. So, this will add a personal touch to your chat sessions while giving some relief to the agents. When your agents will be happy they will keep your customer even happier.

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In short, the most important points to remember from this blog would be-

  • To use a language which is really easy to understand. Don’t use technical jargons.
  • To use the name of the customer while replying to this messages.
  • To make it a habit to use thank you.

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