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Top 6 reasons to outsource chat support

Posted by Sukriti Saini

The live chat support feature is increasingly making it to the “to do list” of the business owners. While some have already integrated this option on their website, some are yet to.

The increased usage of this customer servicing feature is because of the increased presence of individuals on social media. The same rose the needs of the customers for quick assistance. Live chat allows the customers to chat with the agents in real-time. It not only makes customers happy but also provides businesses quantitative and qualitative data. 

Nevertheless, implementing live chat is quite easy; the real challenge is in using it in the best possible manner. Thus, it is best to outsource chat support to a reliant third party. Businesses release stress, enjoy scalability, get more proficient agents and much more than that. Take a look.  

•    No hold time and dealing with frustrated customers-

Inbound calls spike unexpectedly sometimes, so much so that it becomes difficult for the agents to handle them. As a result of the same, many calls get queued. This not just makes it difficult for the agents to attend calls one after the other incessantly but also leaves the callers aggravated.

However, when a business delegates its live chat to an outsourcing company, it is able to reduce the clutter from the voice processes. It is so as most of the individuals will opt for chat support rather than call.

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•    Eradicates the 24 hours wait time-

It’s bad to make anyone wait, especially the ones who matter. Many companies still use email support and make their customers anticipate for a reply up to 24 hours. Why make your customers wait for a reply when you can assist them instantly with live chat? Moreover, there are certain situations for which email support isn’t the best like when a visitor needs help in navigation or when he needs information about an ongoing offer which is ending the same day itself.

•    Accessible from every nook and corner-

Voice processes may face certain glitches during an international call. Maybe, to resolve the same the company would have had set up call centers in major countries where their customers are, but isn’t looking at the efficiency of every call center a cumbersome task?

When a company decides to outsource chat support, it simplifies the customer assistance process not just for itself but for the customers as well. The chat support is outsourced to a company and it can handle the customers from all over the world. Just a good internet connection and there are no extra charges and glitches!

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•    Make the visitors buy and the buyers buy some more-

Companies run telemarketing campaigns, but does that help in making the visitors of the website buy? Certainly not, but your decision to outsource chat support does. When this function is delegated, the agents can monitor the activities of the visitors and can encourage them to make a purchase by applying the upsell and cross-sell techniques. In fact, more than 30% of the visitors make a purchase after having conversations with the agents. 

Just like an assistant at a grocery store, the agents send customized messages to the visitors. If someone is looking at a dress for more than 2 minutes, possibly, she is confused, so the agent sends the message according to that situation.

•    Connect with the potential and existing buyers-

Sending automated messages to let the visitors know how much you value their visit or purchase is a great gesture. Live chat support is one of the best ways to connect with visitors and buyers. Moreover, the visitors don’t even hesitate in chatting as no personal information like their phone number is required from their end.

•    Makes Marketing efforts more fruitful:

The SEO team puts their efforts into bringing the traffic to the website, however, if the leads would not be nurtured, the chances of them turning into customers will be low. As a result of which all the marketing efforts will get wasted. The same happens only till the time you don’t outsource chat support. As soon as you outsource it, the agents diligently make efforts to spread the discount and offers through greeting messages. They also leave no stone unturned in making the visitors not leave empty-handed.

The final word

Outsourcing live chat support is the most important when it comes to customer care outsourcing. It helps in increasing the sales, delivering better customer experience, retaining the existing customers and adding new ones to the customer base.  So, open the door to communication on your website, read, respond, initiate conversations and see the change.

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