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How Enabling Email Support Services are Essential for the Growth of Your Brand?

Posted by Akash Jaiswal
email support services

At this age, email support services are the most effective way of customer satisfaction. Why?

As we know, these days’ customer demands are incredibly changing, and they expect better customer support. Agree? Therefore, they are ready to pay more for it.

Every organization focuses on how they can deliver a better service to their customer, And, for that thing, they include various technologies, strategies, and tactics as well. But somehow, some of them face trouble in delivering better customer support which affects their sales and organization’s growth as well.

Hence, email support services come into play. An email includes almost everything which is required and also it can be uploaded in a documented format. Well, there are several communication methods that are used by organizations to communicate with their customers.

But, in all communication methods, email is the most common one which is preferred by every organization. This is because it is easy, affordable, and effective.

Well, in today’s blog, we are going to discuss the importance and the role of email support services in the growth of your brand, as well as tips for chat support services pros. But, before going far let me introduce you to email support services. So, let’s come to the points directly.

What Are Email Support Services?

These days, email support services are the topmost demanding communication method for most organizations. Additionally, when it comes to communicating with the brands then 62% of customers prefer email support services.

According to the survey by Provide Support, 56% of customers state that they will never prefer customer service from the same organization after a bad experience. Whereas 52% of customers state that they will recommend the brand to their family and friends when they will get better customer service. Usually, 54% of customer escalates to the supervisor or manager after bad customer service.

Usually, most of the customers contact the brand via email, if they can find an email address on the website and application of a brand. Additionally, if customers got an email from the brand and they can simply reply to it.

What is the Role of Email Support Services in the Growth of Your Brand?

In this era, chat support services are a crucial factor for better customer support. Approximately, 78% of customers state that chat support has improved their overall experience. Whereas 77% of customers state that AI-powered customer service has improved their experience.

Email remains a popular way to communicate with customers. However, as technology advances and consumer demographics shift to a younger, more tech-savvy generation, this is rapidly changing. According to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, which have over 2 billion monthly active users, customers prefer messaging to chat support services.

So these days, a customer service paradigm that combines email support with other types of support, such as live chat and in-app messaging, is important to reaching and satisfying all of your customers.

What is the Importance of Chat Support Services in Customer Support?

Customers prefer email support services because it allows for asynchronous communication. Moreover, customers can send an email message whenever they want, and the company will respond as soon as possible. The customer is not required to wait on hold or endure an inconvenient or irritating phone call.

Customers and businesses can use email support to create a "paper trail," which allows them to manually track issues and refer back to previous parts of a conversation. Additionally, the email can be forwarded to another agent if one agent is unable to resolve a problem.

Of course, chat support services also have their limitations. The following are some examples:

Scaling email support is difficult because emails are more difficult to automate than other types of messages. Of course, emails can be automated, but the ability to automate responses to individual queries is critical for scaling up customer service in particular.

Email costs more than automated messaging services. Email costs between $2.50 and $5 per contact, whereas self-service costs pennies and bot-based messaging costs $1.

Apps and other global companies that must communicate with customers who speak multiple languages face language translation challenges.

Above all, email support services entail a wait. Customers send an email and then wait for a response in silence. As wait times grow longer, customer trust erodes. The average response time for emails is 12 hours and 10 minutes, and 62% of businesses completely ignore customer emails.

How Do Email Support Services Crucial in Customer Services?

Enabling email support services is an ideal way to improve customer support. This is because it helps to improve customer satisfaction while also lowering operating costs. Furthermore, businesses do not want to overlook the benefits that this channel offers.

Well, consider the following key points to gain a better understanding of why chat support services are essential for effective customer service. Let’s take a look at them!

1. The Factor of Trust:

In comparison to other support channels, the trust factor is the most important aspect of an email. So, if the complaint is written and documented via email, the customer should not be concerned about whether or not their concerns are taken seriously.

2. Availability:

Because of the widespread use of smartphones, most users have constant access to their emails, even when they are on the move. Consumers can get ready support at their leisure if emails are configured into these smart devices.

3. Value for Money:

Combining email support services with other channels like chat and voice can be simple. As a result, it does not cost more, but it does produce tangible results that always aid in the improvement of ROI.

4. File Attachments:

Email support services allow you to do a lot, from attaching bills and tickets to creating engaging graphics to keep your users interested. Furthermore, the chat support service allows your customers to attach any faulty deliverables that require assistance.

5. Traceability:

Email support can be traced back to the support team and the user using ticket numbers or user IDs. This allows both parties to track whether or not a problem was resolved on time.

6. Convenient for Busy Customers:

Email or chat support is also more convenient and professional for busy customers. Customers expect businesses to pay special attention to them and provide personalized service. They don't have time to wait in lines when calling customer service, and if they do, then they may become frustrated.

As a result, businesses can use email support to assist them in managing this type of customer. Hence, this clientele can type and send emails quickly and efficiently.

7. Detail Explanation of Issues and Solutions:

Customers can use email support services to fully describe their concerns, including all relevant details. When contacting support via phone or chat, they do not have this advantage because it is difficult to explain their problems in detail due to time constraints.

Just like customer concern, for a better understanding of the issues, agents can provide detailed solutions step by step. Customer satisfaction benefits from email support.

8. Conduct Customer Feedback Surveys:

After making a post-purchase decision, the majority of customers do not leave feedback. Aside from that, brands can use feedback surveys to determine their NPS and CSAT scores, as well as send brand updates and upselling or cross-selling recommendations.

Moreover, customer behavior mapping is a critical step in providing a delightful customer experience. Therefore, important customer feedback surveys are typically inserted via email support, which aids in measuring customer behavior and working to improve the product/service.

Sending an email to a customer after they have used your brand's services, increases the chances of receiving personalized feedback.

9. All the way to Omnichannel Customer Service:

A firm grasp on email support can go a long way toward improving a company's customer service strategy. While email is an important part of customer service, your business should be reachable via a variety of channels.

Furthermore, integrating omnichannel support improves your customers' experiences while also elevating your brand's value as a customer-centric product/service provider. This relieves you of the burden of managing multiple dashboards and programs in order to provide seamless customer service.

Well, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to customer communication. Their preferences must be followed by a brand.

Bottom Line:

In this age, we know that delivering better customer service is a crucial task for various organizations. This is because providing better customer service leads the organization towards growth and also improves the ROI. Therefore, organizations use various technologies, tactics, and strategies so that they can fulfill and exceed customer expectations.

But it is also true that customer behavior is changing dramatically. And also, they expect an instant response to their problem. If somehow when an organization fails to deliver services as per customer expectations, then customers switch the organization which affects the sales and revenue.

Hence, enabling email support services in our organization is the best way to provide customer support. Today, most organizations are using it because it contains all the essential information which is required and documented over an email. Besides, it is suitable for those customers who are busy and don’t have time to contact customer service.

Chat support services offer various leverages that help the customer to get better customer support and also the organizations to improve their sales and ROI.

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