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6 Best Practices for Email Support Services You Must Know

Posted by Sukriti Saini

Probably, working in a contact center, writing ample of emails each day has made you quite lethargic and oblivion to the power of each email you send to the customers.

The emails that you send on behalf of the company have a strong impact on the customer’s mind, which in turn, also impacts their behavior towards the company. Obviously, the customers send you emails to get a solution to their problem, however; not using the email sent by a customer as an opportunity to foster your relationship with them can prove to be your biggest mistake. Surely, you would need to put a bit of effort and desist from using the obsolete templates.

Nevertheless, they say there is always one best way to do a task. Thus, in this blog, we have mentioned several best practices for email support services that you must know and follow. Take a look.

•    Personalize the email aka use names –

With better customer support services, you get better customers. That is why it is necessary to make every customer that sends you an email like he is your priority. The easiest way to make this evident is to use the names. Instead of sending automated messages or templates, use your name at the end of the mail instead of the company’s name and use the customer’s name to greet him in the beginning. Trust us, this makes a world of difference.

•    Follow the ELI5 rule-

ELI5 stands for ‘Explain me like I am 5’. So, when you receive an email from any customer, think of a solution and explain it to him in the simplest manner possible. Don’t use technical terms, your customer might not be aware of the technicalities.

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•    Tell the bad news first-

Always, always, always offer a solution to the problem of the customer. Don’t ignore the email, even if you don’t have a solution to the problem they are facing, let them know. Just think of what you might do to make them happy. Tell them the bad news first and then something to make them happy. For instance, you can say, “We don’t have a solution to your problem, but we can work on this together or maybe replace your device if it is in the warranty period.”

•    Take feedback-

Email support services are incomplete without follow-ups. When the customer has got the solution, irrespective of if he had sent a follow-up message or not, you definitely should.

Don’t give your customers the chance to follow up on the update on their complaint, keep updating them as that will result in 10% lower customer satisfaction score.

So, send a mail asking the customer, “We hope the solution worked for you. Has it? ”, “We would love to assist you more. Is there anything else for us to help you with today?”

•    Show gratitude-

Needless to say, showing gratitude to your customers for considering you capable enough to solve their problem is a great move.

As a matter of fact, against every customer who bothered to mail you, there are 26 customers who didn’t, they simply left.

So, be grateful to them that they have given your company an opportunity to make them stay, otherwise they could have also left just like other 26. Moreover, retaining them by solving the issue they are facing, you can turn them into the promoters of your brand as they can influence the purchases of the people around them.

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•    Avoid making negative statements-

Positivity is the most desirable attribute. Everyone loves to converse and be around a person who is full of positivity, negativity is like a repulsive magnet.

 The mathematical rule of two negatives make a positive doesn’t apply in real life or to be precise in customer service.

The customer is already negative, you sending negative replies will make him even more negative. So, avoid using words like no, never, not, but, actually, if that show doubt. Take some time to rephrase the sentences into a better and positive one.


Providing email support services smartly helps the business in winning customer loyalty. Understanding the emotion and tone through email support services is way tough for you and the customer than understanding the same through help desk support services. However, still, you can use the aforementioned points to ensure a better customer experience. Remember, little gestures like using your name and the customer’s name, offering a solution, using positive sentences and much more can make each email interaction appreciated by your customers.

Understand, solve, tweak, customize and repeat should be your motto all day long to make sure none of your customers is disgruntled with your company.

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