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Order Taking Call Center do’s and don’ts

Posted by Kajal Sharma

You may have reached the zenith of success and must be counting dollars every hour, but a single mistake can always lead you towards downfall. And that flaw on your part could be just at the beginning of your venture or even at the most stable stage of your business. You need to make a positive first impression on the buyers and at the same time maintain the quality of your services throughout. Talking about the very first step of a Supply Chain Mechanism, order taking call center is the hub that records customer requests through an effective communication over the phone. It manages the tasks of providing product information, convincing the prospect and making negotiations with the prices for a profitable purchase. This initial phase is quite risky since you can either convert a lead impulsively here or say goodbye to it altogether. So, a cautious and prudently structured methodology should be followed in order to maximize sales.

Now, let us go through some significant steps so that you understand what should be adopted and avoided while taking the orders on a call-

Don’t start without preparation

The best means to overcome a lack of preparation is to contact an expert. All of us have our own ways of working but you can always consult a successful marketer to enhance your performance. A less trained employee will be unable to handle the calls properly. The reps should excel in the art of sealing maximum deals by their prowess. Representing a whole brand, you would never want your consumers to think low of you. Thus, you should pay attention to the basic maneuver and practice all the necessary steps to be taken.

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Don’t go completely by the script

No doubt the predesigned call scripts are prepared by the specialists and help the new agents to a large extent. But, once you have made a mark in the trade industry, it is important for you to maintain that repute. Repetitive commands fail to pitch a high number of customers. There should be new thoughts involved in your procedure. The order taking call center agents should be present-minded and come up with instant responses to each query, taking care of the technique of First Call Resolution.

Don’t offer partial information

Incomprehension is a huge turn-off. If there is a deficiency of cognizance in the agents, the customers would suspect that immediately. In order to prevent confusion at a later stage of the sales cycle, the primitive duty of operators is to ensure that the customers know all about the deal beforehand. A well-informed agent always leaves an impactful image in the minds of the buyers. So, gaining the all-inclusive facts and figures about your provisions and imparting the awareness to the end-users is highly imperative.

Don’t sound unprofessional

It is too disappointing for the consumers to face a rep that picks a fight or talks inappropriately with them. So, it is suggested that you need to inculcate the basic etiquette in your agents. For instance, interacting with politeness, patience and showing courtesy towards the opposite party are the signs of proper administrative management specifically in b2b telemarketing companies. Also, the market analysis and research work have to be on point with the aid of technological equipment and state-of-the-art calling features so that the customers believe in your outperformance.

Don’t say no frequently

It is okay to turn down the requests that are out of your reach but saying no to the buyers every now and then is a bad practice. It sends a vibe that you are either uninterested in the deal or not qualified enough to do as demanded. To resolve such kind of issues, your operators have the option of relaying or redirecting the line to a more suitable employee or authority. Instead of denying the order, you can use these situations as an opportunity by walking an extra mile to provide the consumers with what others cannot.

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Don’t forget to disclose discounts

Before putting the call to an end, do not forget to apply the valid offers and discounts on the product bought by the customer and the services availed by them. Moreover, an order taking call center can promote its items on sale through advertisements if it seems improper on the call. You can also practice up-selling and cross-selling so that the buyers get to know about your multifarious facilities.

Don’t hang up before a feedback

In the end, it is mandatory to obtain the customer’s feedback on their experience with your assistance and provisions. The review and suggestions forms can be distributed online or on paper. The motive behind this last step is to investigate the level of customer satisfaction. You can use these reports to compare with the previous outputs and make the necessary amendments in your workflow accordingly.

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