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How is Order Taking Call Center helping the restaurant business?

Posted by Shashvat
Order taking call center services

Service plays a pivotal role in whatever industry they are being offered and business owners recognize its importance. There are a number of companies that have started to outsource their extraneous business tasks to a third-party vendor. Some firms do so to save money, while others adopt this business strategy to increase their overall performance. Order taking is one such impeccable service offered by the outsourced call centers. But, what is an order taking service? Let’s see.

Today, customers are spending a great deal of money on food and to everyone’s surprise, the majority of this expense is done not to sit in a restaurant. Although price plays a crucial role, the transforming factor for the current trend is convenience. People want to get the food delivered to their home, office or other premise and they are ready to spend for the same.

The advent of the order taking call center is a result of this ‘convenience-centric’ trend which has hit the conventional full-service restaurants the hardest. As per a study, the best restaurants across the world follow the concept of prompt service and fast-casual concept.  

Why is the order taking services gaining popularity?

A research has claimed that 73% of the overall population actually prefers ordering food once a week. Along with this, a staggering 90% of the millennial parents are also involved in ordering food at least once a week.

These stats clearly depict what is drawing more and more restaurant business towards order taking call centers.  

Benefits associated with order taking call center

The present time scenario is seeing customers commuting between home, work, school, sports, and other events. In short, people are busy and are looking for everything like quality, portability, and convenience.

This is why a lot of restaurants are actually partnering up with an order taking BPO Company. These call centers are known to possess experts that hold prowess and experience in handling the order from the customers on phone. Now, we will dive into the benefits that come along with the order taking services.

a) Low cost

If you own a restaurant and want to hire in-house order taking agents, you require pouring a humungous amount of sum in the recruitment and training process. This whole expense is eradicated once you choose to outsource order taking service to a competent firm.

b) Customer prefers phone

There is a growing trend among the business owners to utilize more than one communication channel in order to increase customer engagement. But, a survey has revealed that when it comes to ordering food, a majority (90%) of the customers still prefer phone as a trustworthy medium.

c) Upselling

The order taking call center is known to comprise experts that are well-versed with the tactic of customer dealing. These professionals ensure to note down the order detail with utmost precision and then direct the same to the restaurant staff. Along with this, these experts also with their caring and charming conversational techniques try to implement the up-selling strategy. They ensure to incorporate one or more additional products along with the customer’s consent. This is only possible because of the know-how and skills these order taking agents possess.

d) Better brand value

The order taking BPO Company sends its experts to your restaurants so that the latter can experience your work mannerism and culture. These experts undergo stringent training and are awarded a certificate after the completion of the same. So, when these sort of professionals interact with your customers, they provide a first-rate service experience. Customers would be satiated and happy with the sterling level of experience and would be more likable to come back to your brand repeatedly. The overall brand value of your business hence increases.

e) Advanced technology

The call centers involved in rendering the order taking service gather their focus on the top-most security level so as to assure the safety of data belonging to their clients. For the same, the call centers ensure to utilize the hi-end technology and tools that not only smoothen the overall process but also guarantee the safety of data related to businesses and their customers.

f) Increased average order size

With such notable expertise and such state-of-art technology, the order taking experts leave no stone unturned while conversing with the customers. But, does it work? Well, yes.

While the labor cost dropping nearly by 30-50% on average, the average ticket size is correspondingly increased by 15%. Along with this, restaurant owners have reported an increase in order size within a range of 10-15%. This overall elevates the restaurant’s performance and revenue collection.

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