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How to boost the sales of your business with an Order Taking Service?

Posted by Shashvat
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As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to increase the sales figure and provide remarkable customer experience. Even though social media and allied online technology have acquired a fantastic momentum, business owners are still depending on the telephone as the main platform to implement communication with the customers and prospects.

A study shows that around 25% of customers prefer a telephone call for communication, while, only a few (less than 5% of customers) lookup to social media channels or live chat. This is the main reason that companies are now lasing themselves with order taking services. These inbound call center services are offered by firms that have experts to manage the process of taking orders from the customers. The process includes responding to questions, delivering information, receiving the order, and offering the ongoing support accordingly. These services are known to offer merits that are impossible to avail from other communication platforms.  

Do Order Taking Services really boost sales?

Order taking services are a subset of answering services. Do not make mistake by thinking that an answering service just addresses and forwards the call. It is more than that. Basically, these inbound call center services are known to bridge into multiple processes of your business.

Watch this Video: How to boost the sales of your business with an Order Taking Service?

The pressing question is does this service really impacts sales in a positive manner? Well, it does and we are going to walk through on the whole sales enhancing process step by step:

Strong sales team

Making a perfect sales team is a tedious task that requires a lot of investment in terms of money, effort and time. Small businesses do not have the alternative of hiring a new sales professional. So, order taking service providers enable a direct access to a workforce of experts that are ready to aid your overall sales process. These services are meant to offer the service experience your customers actually deserve.

This happens because a rigorous and effective sales training schedule is given to these agents at regular intervals. Proficient call centers offer training programs with more than one level of clearance. This ensures that a firm yet flexible team that is able to provide strength to your sales process is made and you have direct access to it.

Tips: Businesses can ask to hear the sales agents in a real call situation to assess the quality.


It is practically not possible for you and your employees to be available in office 24*7, so there may arise a case of opportunity lost when the customer tries to reach you and couldn’t find anyone. A superior call center provider ensures to provide you the much needed rest while it assists your customers by being available to them. This builds a strong and trustworthy relationship with your customers.

There may be a case that requirement of around-the-clock service is not necessary. There are few firms that attend the order taking calls during the business hours and forward them to their outsourcing partner after the working hour. This way they save money and keep a part of customer interaction under their nose.

More to know: Evolution of Order Taking Service over a Period of Time

Tips: There are quite a few companies that are available around-the-clock. Before you make a decision to outsource, ensure to confirm the availability aspect with your partnering company. A smart business owner should avoid any partner that is charging extra to work on weekends, holidays and after hours.

Instant and precise response

Your outsourcing partner will ask you each aspect of your product/service so as to deliver an accurate solution to your customers on call. When you provide precise answers to customer’s queries you are creating an irreplaceable repute for your brand in the market. Usually, a good outsourcer will take its time to understand your product offerings so as to render swift responses to answers without any dependency on a script. The interaction with your customers should be natural and smooth.

Tips: Request your vendor to provide the information they need from your end. Keep a close look on the account setup process.

Impeccable level of customer engagement

When you craft a good sales experience, you are actually creating steps for your sales figure to rise. The sales process is known to be extremely dynamic and so is the sales call. It is quite probable that during a sales call customers discuss their concerns as it is not always straightforward. An agent who is live can easily provide assistance to the customers and also can increase the engagement level with them.  High level of engagement directly leads to low abandonment of customers, which in turn leads to increment in sales conversions.

Tips:  There are situations when the customer calls are needed to be transferred to the business end. As a business owner, ensure to track these situations and decide the criteria as of when the calls should be transferred.

Wrapping up

If you think we might have missed a few more benefits, let us know in the comment section below. Thanks.    

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