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How Order Taking Call Center can help you Create Real Difference in Market?

Posted by Neeti Patial
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In the present day and age, customers want to be at the wheels and make a choice. With rising globalization and infinite options virtually available on the Internet, the control has perhaps shifted from companies to customers. This transition has made it almost impossible for organizations across different industry verticals to endure polarity based purely on price range or product type. Now the only choice that left with businesses to work on the customer experience that makes prospects delighted, not just being gratified.

One such provision that businesses should dwell on is order taking services. It goes without saying that failure to effectively manage order taking and processing business operations could have a negative bearing on business growth and overall profit margin.

Technically, consumers do seek personal and engaging experiences that further mature into strong connections. When the consumer relationship is handled in the right manner, possibilities are more that brand affiliations can develop into lifetime commitments. While, if the same is not done appropriately they can lead to painful endings.

Hence if you want your customers to stay loyal, then you need to seek the assistance of trusted order taking call center service partner.

According to research done by Accenture, it has been found that near around 89% of consumers tend to get annoyed need to reiterate their queries to a different representative. While around 87% of consumers need to reconsider the way they deliver support services.

As per a survey conducted by Gartner, it has been revealed that by 2018, more than 50% of companies will investment customer experience innovations.

Through the right guidance of professional order taking call center, you can certainly ensure efficient and unremitting order placement and processing operations. These call centers are well-equipped with the latest tools, equipment and cutting-edge technology that empowers them to provide seamless solutions. On the flip side, running in-house call center isn’t that easy. With frequent disruptions in telephone service or power outages, inadequate space and infrastructure and limited manpower, you can’t deliver remarkable order taking services. And these problems could only result in a decline in profit revenue and a sudden rise in administrative expenditures.

In such scenarios, an order taking call center can help you tweak your order processing operations to a great extent.

Here are some of the ways executed by order taking call center to improve your customer experience and sales conversion rate:

1. Streamline your order processing

Streamlining your order processing operations with limited resources is certainly tricky. It is indeed a time-consuming task and you can’t afford to overlook the same. With the timely support of order taking call center, you can simplify your order taking services. These service providers deploy a dedicated team to handle any volume of call volume more efficiently.

This ensures the elimination of any possibility of inaccuracy during taking down orders by the in-house sales reps and increases the churn rate. Undivided attention is given to individual consumers, which further leads to quick order taking and in turn improve customer satisfaction level.  

2. Use outsourced order-taking services as an opportunity to cross-sell and upsell

With outsourced order taking services, you can improve your sales conversion rate. The call reps gather the information related to customers for future reference. You must be thinking about how this information can be helpful for your business? Well, order taking caller’s representatives maintain a database of the customers with complete information about them which they use to follow up later to inform them about a new product launch, upcoming discount or seasonal offers, and upgradation of the existing product range or service line leading to increased sales.

3. Free up in-house resources

Order taking call center’s sales reps help you in managing sales ordering and associated incoming call volume expediently.  This frees up your in-house team and lets them focus on other pressing business issues, thereby ensuring improved business growth.  Long gone is the time when you had to worry about handling a sudden increase or decrease in the call volume. These service providers help you in managing everything, right from order taking, order processing, dispatch of the product to the final delivery of the product.

4. Make sales available 24/7

Last, but not the least, order taking call center ensures that your sales order processing services are available to the customer round the clock. If a customer from some different geographic location wants to connect with your team to place an order, then a dedicated team of call reps is there to provide them the required assistance. Hence, you will never miss any sales opportunity as well as improve overall turnaround time by reaching out a larger section of the target audience within a short span of time.

In the essence, multiply your sales conversion rate by improving your customer support service approach through outsourced order taking services.

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